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  • Safety

    Been a newbie and slightly paranoid i wanted to check a few things. I mainly rip things apart in my garden and then depopulate boards in my living room. No workshop at present.

    So far i have learnt to be wary of
    Compromising the tubes in CRTs
    And of Beryllium Oxide, sometimes found in mircowaves and normally marked as BeO.

    Is there anything else me or other newbies need to be wary of, components or otherwise. Whether in comps, monitors, tvs etc? What about where you store stuff?

    What safety steps do you take?

    Thought this might be good for new and old, to exchange opinions etc. No point stacking MLCCs and gold if we can't breath!

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    Hi Scotty, I'm not as paranoid about things as some people are, but if I were you, if you're thinking of doing PM processing I would do a lot of research about it Okeden seems the one to talk to and bounce things off, but the main thing about dismantling stuff is probably dust so I would suggest to wear a dust mask, keep disefectant and bandaids on hand for those cuts and scratches also if you depopulate using heat I would be very careful with the fumes that can come off the boards so I suggest for that reason to do what Ben and I do using an air hammer

    I don't want you to go out and buy these things straight away but think about them down the track using hand tools for now is good but dust masks probably as some of these CRT's are extremely dusty also some stink of tobacco as well

    I hope this helps you other people may have other idea's good on you for bringing these things up

    Also look at the workshop area in this forum that will give you idea's about storage


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      Thank Bren Gun, dust masks is a good idea. Sorry, should have used the search 👍

      Getting carried away haha


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        When I get dusty boards I run them under a tap, they come up fresh and dust free.
        the dust that builds up on them might not be good to breath in or have lingering so i'd do that with all boards since your bringing them inside.

        when depopulating you'll be bringing up lots of particles, you might want to consider doing it outside but some kind of sheet of plastic might be good so you can take it out when your done.
        there's not much toxic stuff depopulating boards, a dust mask will keep you from breathing in stuff like fibreglass particles, again, best to do that outside if your concerned.

        keep washing your hands and as bren said, bandaids to keep stuff getting into cuts.

        Got a kebab shop nearby? ask them for their yoghurt buckets with lids, perfect for stacking up with all your goodies.
        a shelf with icecream containers or jars for smalls like mlcc's, gold pins etc.
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Beautiful, cheers


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            BeO in microwaves is in the magnetron. It's the ceramic portion that is normally pink colored but can be white or light tan. Most all colored ceramic material in electronics will have BeO. The real danger I see that is most severe is cadmium. Search for "cadmium stabilizer for PVC". What most people who handle this stuff may not be aware of is that these stabilizers is also used in the plastic bodies of IC chips. It keeps the plastic from oxidizing and cracking open from being repeatedly heated and cooled. Under normal conditions, the cadmium stays locked up in the plastics where it is basically inert. After the plastic is incinerated and milled, the cadmium is released with the ash and becomes airborne. If you decide that you want to try refining IC chips, be sure to wet the chips as soon as they cool down and keep the ash wet all the way through the process. Do not just pour the ash on the ground. The ground dries and the material is blown by the wind. It sticks to the bottoms of your shoes and clothes, it gets into your home. Once cadmium is inhaled, it never leaves your lungs and is very destructive to your lungs and is carcinogenic.


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              Greetings Geo

              Do you have a reference for the IC package stabilizers?

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              It is a long extended read but it is informative. This is not the only source. Search for cadmium plastic stabilizers. The main use is in PVC but it was used in any plastic that is subject to heating and cooling cycles.