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  • Cable granulator

    Just wondering if its possible to get cable granulator for $5000 or less. Can be used or a cheap China machine. The cheapest I've seen is around $10000 from China. Cheers.

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    there's usually a few stages to a complete machine, like a grinder, a blower, a magnetic sorter and something to seperate the plastic from the copper.
    so it's quite an involved machine and I doubt you'd find anything even from china under $10,000 that would work well.
    your best bet would be to go to industrial auction houses and hope to find one there second hand.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      You would be very hard pressed to find anything under 10k that's worth wild even second hand.. It's a big investment and maintenance schedule on em .. It's not a set and forget type of thing


      • opygmy
        opygmy commented
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        I'd be very surprised if one exists in Australia.

      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        d be a few, I see granulated wire at my plastic recyclers place, but yeah it hasn't been seperated from the pvc yet, just granulated insulated wire.

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      You can seperate it by running it all over a vibrating plate that is submerged, insulation particles float, copper dont 😎