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  • Petrol/oxygen cutting

    Hey everyone just intrested to see if anyone had experience with petrol/ oxygen cutting torches.. I'm contemplating buying one just to save on bottle rental ... I'm familiar with oxy/acet. And oxy/LPG they seem to cut well cheaper on running costs only downfall if not really being able to weld with it .... Has anyone used one?

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    Only thing I use to cut anything is a knife so not my caper but i'm sure other's may have an opinion.
    Is it a common thing? seems like there's an Australian dealer fogging the petrogen system, PT Hydraulics Australia.

    Buying eWaste link here


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      I don't know if there to common but I'd like to either see one or use one before I buy one... I like that I could just go to the servo instead of having to go get a bottle swap... And I can buy oxygen bottles outright so I wouldn't be up for $30 a month just on bottle rentals