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  • Mobile Scrapping Workcenter

    I made this mobile unit to carry all the tools I need to scrap electronics.
    I have trays for all the bits as they come off and a side shelf for my tools.
    Its made from a data rack with wheels that I scored for a carton!
    In the data rack when I got it was items with a resale value of over $500. All the other items in the rack included about $10 in scrap cable and plenty of gold contact/pins to go in the gold bin.
    Its a good time saver and organiser so I don't have bits laying all over the workshop.
    I can also use it in my home office with the A/C on so I can scrap in comfort.
    When I am done I just roll it to the side of the office out of the way and it s ready for next time.

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    That's fantastic!

    It doesn't surprise me you scored good dollars from the server guts, but to make something useful out of the frame is what excites me

    I love it, very clever. Your stocked up on magnets I see, what's the CD that's hanging on a string for? a mirror maybe?
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Actually behind the cd is all my hard drive discs.
      The CD was in a cd drive that I scrapped. It has photos of car racing and car racing club files.
      I intend to track down the club and see if they need it otherwise it will be processed for the gold with all my other gold discs.
      Most of what I do is to try make some extra cash on the side but I really enjoy the hobby too.
      Repurposing old stuff just makes good sense to me because money saved is money made.