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  • What scales

    Hey guys question mainly for buyers I'm currently researching a new set of scales for the shed mainly for e waste and be able to weight up a few hundred kg... Anyone got a favourite they like

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    One of the cheap 300 kg scales on ebay would be ok.


    Not sure you'd need a big set of scales, unless your buying volumes but generally a 30 kg set of scales would cover most things.
    like if you wanted to weigh up your copper you would just do it in batches, depends on what your weighing.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Looks cheap enough to take a gamble on ill order one Tomo see how they go ..


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        How did they go?

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      They are really good.. It only took 2 days from when I payed to my door and free delivery also big enough to throw a 44 on the platform


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        If I was to weigh small amounts of memory and boatds I'd still suggest having a 30kg scale with smaller increments .. But awesome for bigger stuff