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  • What Tools for computers?

    What tools do I need to open up a computer? I want to start doing computers that I find.
    and part out the valuble things instead of sending it to the scrap yard complete.
    I could have most tools allredy is their special tools I need?

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    Hi scrappy,

    Basically all you need is a phillips screw driver to scrap a pc tower, and some side cutters to cut wires.
    a cordless screwdriver with an extended phillips head bit would be perfect for repetative work though.
    The only part in a pc tower that would require something different is if you wanted to open up the hard drives.
    they have torx screws, like a hex screw but a bit different, think hard drives need torx bits T9 & T6 to open up and remove the platters.

    But yeah, Basically you could get away with just a screw driver and side cutters to scrap most electricals, a good hammer helps too
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      There's a few computers that need either a blade screwdriver or a torx driver to get the board out of. Fortunately those towers aren't too common. Karl


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        G'day, thanks.

        now that I been looking for computers I dont see any just found 3 this month