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  • My Basic Tools for E-waste Scrapping

    On my person at all times:
    Pocket Screwdriver Pen - PH1 and PH2 in philips and flathead, the grip isn't much good but I carry it for the PH1
    Multi-tool - for the wire cutter on the pliers, potentially has other uses too
    150mm PH2 extension tip - I love this tool! As a stand alone screwdriver it works fine for e-waste screws, it can reach the deeper screws because the shaft is hexagonal it can be coupled with a pair of pliers for the tougher screws and can be fitted to a cordless drill if available. The hexagonal shaft gives me a lot better grip than you might think just by looking at it and because the diameter is considerably less than the handle of your regular screwdriver your rotations are shorter meaning screws come out much faster.

    Tools I take when scrapping:
    Needle Nose Pliers
    Wire Cutters
    Flathead Screwdriver -for prying
    Heavy Duty Screwdriver - PH1 PH2 in philips and flathead, helps with glued screws

    Tools at the Workbench:
    Tin Snips
    Security Screwtips -for hard drives, set-top boxes, etc
    Stanley Knife
    Cold Chisels -Very useful tool, not to be underestimated
    Hammer and Steel Pins -for punching
    Strong Harddrive Magnet
    Exacto Knife -for helping degaussing coils out of their skins

    That about covers the essentials for what I've found to need so far. I like to keep the tools light and simple so I can have them on me or nearby.( I have cordless tools but the weight, size and battery dependency are unnecessary disadvantages for the small volume of scrap that I deal with) There are other things that may prove useful, depending on what scrap one comes across, like a pair of shifters for dealing with brass fittings (coffee machines, used fire extingishers, etc) or a vice.

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    You got it all covered #tag, Torx screw drivers are handy, especially T10, printers use torx T10 screw size a lot.

    My main tool is the cordless driver with a 10in extended philips bit, I like to go back and use a hand screwdriver for a change but you can't beat a cordless driver.
    some things can have 40 or more screws, that's a lot of time wasted just to get into it, but if your cruising and not worried about volumes then yeah,
    it's almost therapeutic unscrewing screws

    Second most important tool for me are side cutters to cut wire.
    My main problem is keeping tools organised and in one spot, I often have to go out and buy a tool 'cos I can't find it.

    If I go out scrapping hard rubbish i'll take the cordless driver and the side cutters with me, sometime's I'll scrap a huge tv on the spot,
    can do them pretty quick now.

    The main tool i'm missing is a trailer to attach to the van, It be great to have a caged trailer in the driveway to throw scrap steel into as I go,
    would save me having to load it all on the day, then unloading when I get there again, a lot of work, I'd like a hydraulic lifting trailer
    so all I need to do is open the gate, tilt and all the scrap falls out, that be awesome, but about six grand for what I want.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      "it's almost therapeutic unscrewing screws"
      When one spends all day getting screwed over at work one needs something to unwind. A over-tightened screw will snap......

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    To prevent tools from getting lost you might get your hands on a plastic tool case, they often come with cordless tools and some electric ones. I put it up against something solid and cut off the extra plastic from the inside with a sharp chisel. When I'm finished scrapping, all tools go back in the case, prevents them from wandering off and makes them easy to transport between scrap jobs. IMO makita tool cases are the best, particularly their electric driver case.


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      I'll see what I can come up with but I doubt i'll put things back, i'm stopping and starting all day, one minute I'll be scrapping something outside,
      get distracted, maybe a call, then go in the garage and start doing something else, then go out for a pick up, come back and i'm onto something else.
      think I just need more tools.
      Buying eWaste link here


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        I use an 18v ryobi cordless drill for stripping appliances. I'd be stuffed without it. My other favourite is my block splitter which is great for recalcitrant screws and is great on Apple Powermac G5s.


        • Mr Dude
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          "My other favourite is my block splitter which is great for recalcitrant screws and is great on Apple Powermac G5s.".
          i generally use a block splitter on Apple Macs as a frustrated user, and thats before i even consider scrapping them. Is this considered as inciting violence and hatred towards inanimate objects??
          Scrapping is my therapy.

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        The only apple stuff I use is the iPhone and iPad. I'm reasonably happy with them. I normally find stripping PC towers quite relaxing. But those G5 power macs seriously disrupt my calm.