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  • 125mm cut off discs - recommendations

    I'm due to buy some 125 x 1.0mm cut-off discs for my trusty makita angle grinder.

    I cut copper & brass (to turn #2cu into #1Cu or dirty brass into clean); aluminium; stainless & ferrous. I'd rather not be changing discs to suit the material. It's all scrapping so I don't need to worry about contamination.
    I've been using Makita discs because they were cheap for the small quantity I needed at the time ($1.40 each in a 12 pack)

    Does anyone know if the flexovit discs cut better or last longer? There are 3 types at Bunnings and they are just under $1.20 each in a 50 pack.

    Has anyone tried the cheap stuff off ebay?

    Frantikon 60c ea
    Smith & Arrow 80c ea
    Swarts 60c ea

    Also, is a 125mm x 1.0 cutting disc the best already for general faffing about when scrapping?