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  • Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC's)

    MLCC's are a little hobby of mine, the're found on most circuit boards including ECU's from cars and PC motherboards.

    This pic' is the lid of an icecream container that I use to throw the MLCC's in when i'm picking, my main stack is in a jar, sitting at the bottom of a nearby lake

    Most MLCC's in the e-waste we scrap today have a good amount of palladium as well as silver or nickel & tin.
    The stuff that we're all scrapping at the moment is around 10 years old, that's about when they used most of the palladium in 'em apart from late model vehicles, ECU's have high grade palladium. apparently today's new mmlc's on pcb's have a lot less palladium so if that's the case, we're probably in the best time to be picking 'em off of PCB's.

    I like precious metals and whilst I wouldn't buy Palladium bullion I still want to stack some, so MLCC's are my way of getting a little palladium stack going.
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    Been meaning to do a thread on MLCC's for a while but most of my boards have been picked
    I've managed to get a few things together now to show a few pic's of the MLCC's that I look for, i'll add more as I go, if anyone's found a board with lot's on MLCC's post it up.

    Not as good a range as I've had but here's some motherboards, most of the MLCC's on Mobo's are in and around the cpu mount, but mobo's vary heaps some have a bunch underneath too..

    This one has a nice rack of mlcc's inside there, some mobo's have rows of 'em outside too..

    there'll be the odd mlcc elsewhere on the board, if the're big enough I might take them too, just depends on the board and whether I think removing mlcc's will devalue the board.
    I guess those that are gathering mlcc's to refine themselves would pick all mlcc's of the boards, even the tiny ones but I leave the small and flat ones on, I only want the chunky ones mostly.

    this board has a cluster here, you may not see it here but if your wondering which are the mlcc's to pick off, they are usually marked C12, C123, C1234 ect, so the number always starts with a "C" if it starts with an R or an L or a V or whatever, it's mostly likely not a palladium mlcc, to keep your stack clean i'd just pick off the C's

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      A larger motherboard..

      This one has just 8 mlcc's in there and not much elsewhere so i'd usually just let this one pass..

      Below the cpu mount you can see a bunch of tiny mlcc's, there just as good if your de-populating the whole board for pm recovery but for a casual picker they stay on.
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        This is just a dvd drive board, it's a good one to pick mmlc's from as it's just a low grade board either way..

        There's a couple there and the odd one about, not a lot but there it is..

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          Another motherboard here..

          As you can see there's a generous offering of palladium goodness there..

          Way too much for the board anyway so don't be shy, pick the bugger dry!
          well at least an outside row if you don't want to devalue it too much
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            This is under the back cover of an apple laptop..

            The motherboard has a field of pickings, and not just this side, laptop motherboards generally have double sided goodness, it's why they are worth more as scrap, small but sweet..

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              Hard drive boards can have mlcc's too..

              These are reasonably common at the moment, they probably have mlcc's on the other side but I don't remove the boards..

              This one has 3 across the top and a couple more about..

              This hard drive has nothing much so i'd pass this through..

              This one has 4 bottom left but not very big so i'd pass..

              I see 6 decent chunkies that i'd take..

              and a couple rows of mlcc's that i'd be tempted to pick too..

              The last one probably had the chunkiest mlcc's of the lot..

              That's the hard drives, thought i'd put up a range to give you a good idea on what to expect from H/D's.
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                Another motherboard quickly..

                I just use a thin flat head screwdriver to pop 'em off, these types pop off easy, some need a bit more force and they can also crush, the thinner the blade on the screwdriver the better it gets the harder ones off..

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                  PC Slot Cards don't have much, well I don't find many with a lot of mmlc's..

                  This one has a few smaller ones about but not my size so i'd pass on it for picking..

                  This one has even less, mostly flat mlcc's that crush, still ok to refine though..

                  Sound blaster cards are reasonably good quality but little in the way of mlcc's here..

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                    This one looks ok..

                    Some here that might just pass for me to pick..

                    These one's here are Not Palladium MLCC's, note the L..

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                      These are CPU's from apple G5's showing both sides..

                      These stand tall and whilst I wouldn't pick these off as it's a cpu, I may be tempted to one day..

                      That's all I got on MLCC's at the moment, if anyone else is into 'em let us know, show us yer pic's!
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                        What are in the black ones marked L? Worth stacking?


                        • WEEE Ben
                          WEEE Ben commented
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                          they are MLCI's multi layer chip inductors.
                          no real value, ferrite and wire of some sort but no precious metals