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  • What do scrap yards categorize Appliances as?

    Hi Scrappers, Just wanted to get some help separating scrap. What do scrapyards categorize stuff like T.Vs Microwaves, kettles, printer machines and such as?
    Are all appliances and household stuff under the same category?
    I also have some fully disassembled appliances parts like steel sheets from a washing machine, a steel frame from an oven, what category for steel only parts?


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    Some won't take them like that, most just take them as light gauge steel - no money in that - you are better breaking them down and sorting different metals if you can.
    Same for the washing machine and oven frames = light gauge steel or shred.
    Smaller harder steel is insize or heavy gauge


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      Here in USA yards will not take TV sets. We have transfer stations. Ben has a video about taking his scrapped out sets to a transfer station. Basically the same here only I am only allowed to bring in four sets at a time. If I have more I put them in my car and if no one is around I empty all of them. I do not know why they limit people, they get paid a set amount per set by the state of California. When someone buys a new set they pay a $10 disposal fee. I just got two more sets yesterday that has now put me over 100 sets scrapped.

      All your other items listed I just tear down any way I want and keep aluminum and wire. There is a local iron scrap yard that does not pay but he will take anything. I do not care because the closest full scrapyard is a two hour drive, each way. I only save AL, CU, BR and wire. The owner of my local yard is a friend and he gives me all his TV sets that get dumped off.
      Most of the time I am scrapper Dan but at yardsales I am dollar Dan