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  • Aluminum Cans

    Hey scrappers
    Does anyone collect this? Rather than collect I mean keep. I don't search for them just keep my beer cans and crush them. I must have collected a couple of hundred over the last 6months but still so light!

    Any ideas on what the $ p/kg is? I'm wondering if it's worth it as they take up so much room aswell!

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    Perth price is 60-70 cents a kg.


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      I once started but worked out pretty quickly it wasn't worth having a tub for them.
      Think it works out as 1c a can so I usually just throw them in with scrap steel but sometimes I stomp on a few and put them into my mixed aluminium bin and the yard don't seem to mind a few as I also put cast aluminium in too. I don't get enough cast to justify 3 bins for aluminium, I have two, mixed & extruded.
      Buying eWaste link here