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  • Victory @ the srap yard- stainless steel

    A while back I posted a message about magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel and how the yards will only buy non-magnetic stainless at stainless price, well today I got 'em good, took in about 50 kg of nice shiny stuff, an assortment of pots, pans, cutlery, and anything ellse I could load up (including some vaccum cleaner tubes) . Got to the yard and told the bloke it's stainless, he tried the old magnet trick and it stuck to all sorts of things. Told me he would only pay up on the non-mag stuff. Told me the mag stuff was because it was crap steel even though the cutlery had 18/8 etc on it. Then I pulled out a meat carving tray that was all one sheet of metal and asked him to explain why the magnet stuck to certain areas and not to others, he couldn't. The areas the magnet stuck to had been hammered in a press to create "feet" for the tray and the centre had had spikes welded on to hold the meat for carving, these were the spots where the magnet stuck, it slid off the rest of the tray. Having stuck to my guns over the what and where's of there being 50+ types of stinless and that not all stainless was non=mag he gave in and I got full price on the lot, a difference of 85 cents a kilo. So instead of $20 I got $50. I think their arguement of non-mag only is so they can rip us off. Maybe we should band together and get consumer affairs to look into it. bbq

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    I reckon you re a bit lucky.....usually at that point they turn nasty and tell you to F/O out of the yard.........EDIT.....just a quick check on prices ..Nickle US$11.60/kg......chromium US$7 per kg.....up from $2- $4 an couple of years ago...So non mag stainlless runs 8-30% nickle,8-10% chromium...........mag stainless 8-20% chrome.....so theye not going to go broke giving $1...(A) a kg for any stainless.


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      When in doubt my scrap yard just pulls out the old XRF gun, takes a shot and pays accordingly. I’m surprised that it’s not standard practice for every scrap yard.


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        the guns are pretty pricey,the yard I mainly deal with only test copper if you claim its 100%,and never where I can see them testing......then the gun goes back in the safe......I heard the guns cost $30,000 US....The stainless they get generally gets sold to S/H dealers and hobby farmers.,if its usable....They dont scrap much.................recently I got two big sheets of 316 ,heap of weight,took them round to a stainless fabricator and got $7 a kg for them......they were just lying in a yard ,half covered in grass..........I thought they were galvanized at first.