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    Hey guys,
    Just after a rough current figure for heavy steel (not light gauge). I'm doing a scrapping video on stacking steel in 44 gal drums and how I go about it. So, to do some calculations at the end, I need a rough idea of current price for nuts/bolts/offcuts and other small heavy steel pieces. Melbourne area would be good - but anywhere would give me a guide.
    I'd call some yards - but they are probably closed for a week or two this time of the year!


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      Ok - this forum barely has a pulse! Perhaps I can breathe some life into it by posting everywhere and someone may just wake up!

      Further to my request for a steel price - I believe what I have in drums is referred to as "HMS insize" - (Heavy Melting Steel - of less than a metre in length so it doesn't need any processing before heading to the smelter). Correct me if i'm wrong here!

      And another question - some of it is good heavy cast iron. Do the yards pay better for cast? Is it worth separating the cast from normal steel/iron? Many years ago I used to sell cast to a local foundry and they paid much better than scrap steel price..


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        And another question..
        A few years ago I remember many scrap trucks passing through town heading to Melbourne when the steel price went sky-high!
        I have a feeling it was just before the Beijing Olympics - which would make it 10 years ago!
        Does anyone remember the prices Melbourne yards were paying back then??

        (Come-on.. someone must be awake in here....?)


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          Nah Chris, no one is awake in here. This forum has been dead for so long mate. You have sort of started something, but I reckon you are bashing your head against a brick wall.
          OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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            Hi all - been scrappimg for year but only found this forum recently - great info in it but very sleeeepy. My take is that it is just a reflection of where the metals market is at - which is normal!
            When prices were sky high every one was all over scrap metal but now the norm prevails.

            Regardless - great to swap ideas and knowledge so I hope the forum kicks on.


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              Hey Loveagoodscrap - and welcome! Bill may very well be right about banging my head against a wall trying to wake this forum up.. but I'm not one to give up easily!
              If I can't wake the dead though, at least I can chat to newcomers!
              Yep - I agree with the flat market transposes to a flat forum theory.. but for those of us who aren't really active sellers and just enjoy the scrapping and accumulation, then the market doesn't really matter!

              Interestingly, every time I log on here I check "who's online" and mostly it's just myself and one or two other registered members who don't post - but there's always between 60 & 120 guests perusing the forum!!!!
              So I figure activity should increase if we keep ticking things over! If nothing else, I do seem to get some traffic to my youtube channel when I post links on here... so I'm happy with that