Stainless Steel or ali or what?

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  • Stainless Steel or ali or what?

    I have looked on t'internet for the answer to this, but answers are to do with chemical testing or chemical comparison. For I will need a known factor to compare to... So how to identify stainless and aluminium?

    I am talking about the silver coloured shiny sheet metal in laptops and tvs primarily.

    If it's shiny could still be just steel?

    Probably a stupid question...hope not though..

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    Re. shiny sheet inside:
    Probably Al in laptop and plain steel in TV as can't see need for anti-corrosion property of S/S sheet in laptop or Tv.
    Al is easily scratched and S/S very hard.
    Learn different texture/color and noise when tapped, of these materials with experience.
    Also magnetic shielding is needed in some electronics and series 300 S/S does not shield
    so plain steel is used in non-critical applications as in domestic tvs and computers.


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      Also, aluminium often has a white tinge to it (if you have samples to compare you should see what I mean), and won't spark if hit with a grinder. A quick and dirty test I sometimes do is to try scratching it with something brass, like a key. Brass scratches ally much more easily than steel.


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        those thin sheets can probably go either way if they're in your mix going into the scrap yard, if they run a magnet over it won't show up and stainless/aluminium is the same price anyway.
        I don't have a stainless bucket anymore, I just throw it in with aluminium unless it's a laundry sink or something very big.
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          Thank you all. Will keep all of this mind. Brass key sounds good. But experience will tell. Thanks


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            how do you tell if the key is brass or stainless steel if the key is silvery in color?
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              My silver keys are old enough for the plating to have worn through in patches. I don't know how well it would work with plated keys tbh, the nickel or whatever it is probably a lot harder than the brass.

              Edit: The brass will show through where the teeth have been cut, geeze, where did I put my brain?
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                Simplest way to tell if its brass is to touch it on a grinding wheel. It will cut through the plating no problems and leave a nice brass colour. I bought a cheap little grinding wheel from Aldi just for this purpose. Sits on my bench and just flick the switch, grind, and there is the result.

                The stuff you are getting out of laptops and tellys can be Ally, SS or just steel. If it is springy and doesn't bend too easily, then it is probably steel. If it's not magnetic then most likely SS, but they often use a lower quality SS that is still magnetic. If it is attracted to the magnet then just goes in the steel bin. Fortunately there is never a lot of weight in these products so if you get it wrong it's not going to cost you much.
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