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  • Aluminium tubes

    Does normal round- and square-section aluminium tubing normally go as extruded? I thought extruded was just for things with complex profiles like window frames, but my yard took a load of tubes and bike frames as extruded today.

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    if it's tubular then yeah it's gnerally extruded, it's the only way to get aluminium into a tube.
    a good example is tv antenna's, they are tubular but you will notice some are solid tubes, others are tubes with a split.
    so the solid tubes are extruded, the tubes with a split is sheet aluminium because it started as a sheet and was bent over to form a tube.
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      D'oh! It seems so obvious once someone tell you Oh well, today's load was worth a lot more than I expected, especially with the special on extruded ally at the moment.