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  • Scrapyard review/info page

    I was wondering if we are allowed to do to a scrapyard review or info page.

    For example as a total newbie I find it hard to know where takes what etc. Also google doesn't help as some yards don't have websites or ever answer their phones.

    Or are the guys in Melbourne able to stay where they take stuff?


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    FWIW, I take my stuff to Pacific Metals in Laverton. I don't know about ewaste, but they take all the usual metal commodities and seem to have the best prices. They also do special prices every now and then which they notify you about by text once you're registered there. Maybe start there?


    • WEEE Ben
      WEEE Ben commented
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      I use the same yard and prices are very competitive overall but there's always yards that want a specific product and would pay a little more, like insulated copper at the moment.

      and the best thing is it's very close to me so scrappers can kill two birds and drop off e-waste bits to me on the way back

    • tvhunter
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      I do need to make a trip soon, but so hopefully you're not too snowed under with boards

    • WEEE Ben
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      I'll be good to go after next sunday.

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    It's probably a little complicated as technically they are all very much the same as in they all buy the same things.

    there's a reason scrap yards don't advertise prices, mostly because prices fluctuate every week and also they don't want their competition to know exactly what their doing.
    especially smaller scrap yards, but even bigger yards like sims don't advertise prices.

    so what could be in a review when the only difference is prices?
    all that would do is highlight one yard and make the rest look bad, that's not really something we want to do here.

    sure, some yards might buy odd things like e-waste or circuit boards, others might buy, precious metals, plastic or wooden pallets and that's something we could talk about without getting into prices.
    if yards want to advertise they would, like you said, many don't even have websites and are not interested in advertising at all.

    we're not really a forum to provide free classified ads for businesses, there's plenty of banner ad space here if they wanted to advertise.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Hi Ben, and TVhunter and thanks for the replies. I guess maybe review wasn't quite the right word. More maybe an info page. Though as you say, if they want to advertise they can pay for that.

      Where do you fellas take plastics, like from monitors etc?

      I kind of feel like i am asking the wrong questions at present, sorry.


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      Thanks. Only been in Melbourne a year or so, so just getting to grips with the different drop off places.


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        Maybe a "review " of yards in respect being clean and safe. Decent service, not having to wait an hour to get unloaded, not having to wait for twitching junkies to shift their ****box Telstar off the weighbridge.

        That sort of review.