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  • Hard Rubbish Season 2016

    Whilst it's still a few months away, now's a good time to start paving the way for the next major lot of incoming scrap from hard rubbish.
    Clearing up all the smalls and items that have built up over the year like depopulating boards, removing copper from transformers, pulling gold pins
    and generally getting on top of all the bits that have been pushed aside into buckets or the corner of the shed.

    Come HRS, we are bringing in stuff everyday and because space is normally the issue we are usually trying to process the large items to be able to keep fitting stuff in,
    smalls again will build up so getting on top of existing stuff helps us from being overwhelmed with months of fiddly jobs which can also be low value and low cash flow items if your stockpiling.

    So this is my mission at the moment, having a break from my biz' is slowing incoming so I can focus on getting my workshop back in order and clear off a lot of the smalls so when I start at around the same time as HRS, i'm ready for a major onslaught of Melbourne's scrap.

    I think this year HRS will be a doozie, a small number of CRT's to keep the copper bucket full, a much bigger load of LCD's and the regular scrap, but what will be different will be steel, lot's of steel will be around because I think a lot less scrappers will be chasing it

    This will be a bonus for exisiting scrappers because steel is not just for the scrap yard, there's steel that's too good for scrap and can either be used for other projects and stuff that can be sold as is.

    With less steel scrappers about it'll mean there will be more microwaves to get, more stainless steel items and more bbq's for the cast iron hot plates.
    when steel was around 20c kg, it was hard to catch a cast iron hot plate in a bbq, I even met scrappers that just focused on them and I like to stack cast iron.

    anyway so yeah, I think scrappers will have a smorgasboard of scrap to collect this year with more bonus items to sell.
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    So what are you doing in preparation for this years hard rubbish?

    What will you do different then last year?

    Let us know your tips on how to be more efficient when out and about during the scrap frenzy
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      I'm planning to venture further afield into the adjoining municipality of Monash where Clayton is located for their annual hard rubbish drive.
      My own municipality of Dandenong has been using an 'at call ' hard waste service, giving me a continuous stream of waste all year round.
      But from Ben's description I could be missing out on a bit of fun.
      Knox has just adopted the 'at call ' service starting this year and I suggest that other councils will follow in the near future.

      I look forward to picking up any tips from those scrappers here that are used to the mad rush.


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        I do clayton once a year as I have a friend I visit, can't resist filling up the van on the way back, usually it's a couple weeks after my side but I also like hitting toorak for stuff that's good to sell,

        the further out you are the more important it is to focus on the stuff you want, instead of cramming in the first piece of steel or washer you see, try skimming through the streets to cover more area to find the more valuable items, look for piles with a computer, microwaves and small electricals, grab that stuff before cord cutters come through, then when you've covered say 10 streets you can top up with anything else.

        drive bye's can miss a lot of the small electronics like laptops and things with cords, a good cord cutter rides along the footpath on bike to see the inside, not the street side.
        reason is when people throw stuff out they start with the obvious large items, then once they do that they start picking the small items and that ends up footpath side, driving bye you might think nothing is there but could be high value items.

        So what I do is stop where there's 4 or 5 houses with rubbish out and walk the piles, microwaves are famous for being put back in their box, look in boxes, flip a mattress, cut cords off large items etc.

        then when i've done that to say 10 streets and got the value stuff, I might then go back to a couple streets and top up with junk steel or do a few crt's on the spot.
        but remember that people are putting stuff out any time over a week so each time you go through the street it will have more stuff as it gets closer to pick up day.
        some even wait until the day to throw out so i'm out there then, I usually find the truck picking up so I try and skim one street ahead of them for last minute goodies.

        cord cutters are afternoon mostly, cutting cords from anything put out that day so early mornings are too late usually as people don't throw stuff out overnight.
        mornings are better for steel usually, but maybe not this year with low prices.
        best to do new areas from morning and areas you already did in the arvo to catch items from that day.

        Try not to get bogged down scrapping crt's on the spot unless it's quiet or you see other scrappers on the street doing them, whilst scrapping crt's your missing what's in the next street, if you stand in one street for 20 minutes and look at who's driving through you will notice at least 10 other scrappers driving through in that time, so you want to skim quickly to get the money items and then go back and do your crt's, knowing you've covered say 10 streets and have already got your fill, then do crt's before heading back.

        When you get back, unload, sort and if you got room don't waste too much time scrapping it, I usually scrap large stuff end of my last trip that day and leave the rest.
        time scrapping at home is scrap lost, hard rubbish is constant for a short time so it's best to be out there then in your workshop, when it's over is when you scrap.

        A good thing to do end of the day is scrap things that are mostly steel, microwaves, flat screen tv's and anything you can pluck steel off, load up with the steel that day and drop that off on the way to the hard rubbish area your going to next day, that way you've cleared some space at home and got a little cash for fuel.

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          Well we're getting close, steel isn't showing much promise for scrap metal guys so I got a feeling we're in for a big year in hard rubbish.
          that'll probably mean more microwaves available and if your into 'em, more washers, dryers etc.
          Washing machines, especially fisher & paykel are good to part out, F&P have them large copper motor things that are useful for producing electricity and project guys love them.
          microwaves are ok for transformers etc but also very useful to scrappers to use as a steel bin, they fit a lot of screws and junk in the cavity.

          Cord cutter will be hovering around as per usual so it pays to walk piles and get as many things early as you can before they hit.

          it's going to be a different year that's for sure, uness the steel is something I can use or is very heavy I won't be touching it, crt's won't be around much so that's another item I won't have to deal with.
          so that'll mean I will be out there for a longer time but doing less trips, being very selective in what I take.

          Not sure about vacuum cleaners this year as plastic is getting harder to get rid of, I might become a bit of a cord cutter for them.

          I'll still be plucking the cast iron hot plates from bbq's and I think there'll be more of them around, I stack them so it don't really matter the price of 'em at this stage, happy to just have them
          cast iron grill and plates are useful for all kinds of things, want to build a you beaut security wall, welding cast iron grills together would make an awesome one.
          for when I move to the sticks they will come in very handy so I can't get enough of cast iron.

          This year is going to be like going shopping rather then hoarding, selectively picking stuff that I like, not worrying about just filling with what I can will be interesting.
          i'd imagine if less steel guys around there could be more pc's to get also, and one I seem to spot from a mile away are antenna's, most are extruded aluminium and I just like them for some reason.
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            With Fisher & Paykel gear, we usually fix 'em up so they're working reliably and run them through the auctions.


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              Here we go, it's started on the nth/west side of melbourne.
              piles of scrap getting picked at as we speak.

              I haven't ventured out yet, still a bit too far as I don't want to load up like I used to.
              have plenty work here I still haven't caught up to so no point going 20 min away but in the next couple weeks a second municipality starts so I will be surrounded with hard rubbish.

              for a bit of fun i'll skim around and try snag some easy stuff, microwaves, pc gear and cut some cords especially from vac's, I don't wnt the motors if I need to take the plastic so cord will do.

              Initially I was going to do hard rubbish this year real hard but with steel still 10c kg, it's ok but because my back needs to be looked after now I don't want to risk it by trying to make money from steel.
              but younger scrappers looking to load up will be running around going hell for leather, it's an exciting time for a scrapper in Melbourne.
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