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  • E-Waste from Commercial Pick-Up's

    Collecting e-waste from businesses is the next step from Residential pick-ups I posted here

    Whether part time or full time it's all about getting your message out there, advertising using flyers, cold calling and also word of mouth.
    Many commercial pick-ups I get are from residential jobs where those people often have e-waste at their workplace or business.

    Picking stuff up part time can be ok if you can dedicate one day a week to doing the pick ups, Full time requires a lot more work with advertising to keep the volumes up enough to make a living from.

    Here's some video's i'll be putting up which gives basic info' and a sampling of what can be got from commercial jobs.
    First up is a good pick up from an IT Dept' of a large company, getting these kind of clients can get you a steady supply of work and a better kind of e-waste compared to residential.

    There's still many recyclers that charge for a pick up service so offering free pick ups put's you ahead of the pack for basic recycling, some companies require more official recycling with destruction documentation and other side jobs like documenting the asset numbers of each item to send back to the company, that kind of service is usually for very large corporations which would already have recycling contracts in place.

    The biggest gap in e-waste recycling is small businesses, large recyclers aren't interested in picking up a dozen items from offices so there's a lot of opportunity for someone willing to do the ground work and advertise to small business.
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    Schools are an easy source of e-waste, the trick with schools is to get onto the IT Tech' that services the school, primary schools will have an IT Tech' that will service 3 or 4 schools so one c9ntact can lead to many jobs, over time schools are anawesome regular source of e-waste and there lot's of schools around that aren't being serviced by a recycler so go get 'em
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