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  • new to site just after some help

    hey all im new to this site and after some good solid weeks of reading here has been a heap of interesting info on here I will start buy saying thanks to everyone on here for scraping and helping each other out ,now to a few questions for some scrappers , I have recently started my own scrap metal recycling business and im wounding if any one can help me out with getting my name out ther and more clients , I buy all types of scrap from cars to boats u name it I buy it , I have been in the scrap gam for a few years now but im just trying to sorce more clients , I have flyers out cards , fb and gumtree also have mechanics and aircon tecs ,

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    Hi, Flyers can work but they don't work as a once off, it takes a few rounds of flyers for them to really work.
    sometimes I see a flyer for scrap metal in the mail and usually they are very basic, like printed on a home pc, it really takes something professional to get peoples attention.

    fb & gumtree are not the first place I would think of if I wanted to get rid of scrap, I think fb is overated for that, it's a social site, people chatting and generally young people.
    there's a lot of competition for scrap cars, now charities advertise for people to donate for a good cause.

    Do you have an actual website? that might be something, also advertising in your local newspaper.
    Buying eWaste link here