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  • Scrap Price from 8/7/2015 Sale

    A lot of hard work but it paid off. We can now afford to buy a toaster oven and more tools. Thanks to this Forum I now know what and inductor is and that it's worth money. Even the solid power plugs were worth keeping after power cable cut off. Just threw them in the same drum as the inductors. I now know to call it copper recovery. (they were going to be thrown out). These prices were from a crap dealer in Tamworth NSW as were are situated in Armidale NSW. He was nice enough to leave more 44 gal drums and wool bags.
    METALS KG price kg $
    Copper - shiny 26 $6.00 $156.00
    Copper - burnt 119 $5.00 $595.00
    Copper - insulated 520 $1.80 $936.00
    Brass - mixed 26 $3.20 $83.20
    Aluminium - new 171 $1.28 $205.20
    Aluminium - extruded 62 $1.35 $205.20
    Aluminium - cast 128 $1.10 $80.00
    Copper recovery 300 $0.20 $60.00 inductors & plug packs
    small motors 522 $0.45 $234.90
    TOTAL $2,494.80

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    Some good prices there, you could buy yourself a mighty mean toaster over with that cash
    half a tonne of insulated is a great stack, your scrap yard would of been happy with that load for sure.
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      Hello and Good Evening Brodie

      Its interesting to see your above prices ,, for example you had 26 KG of Copper Shiny , Was it #1 . #2 or #3 grade ? " Pls note i am not trying to pick for a bone ,, i want to try and learn more "
      If you was delivering a Tonne plus of your Shiny Copper , Would the buyer offer you a better price

      And when you mention " Brass Mixed " ,, Is this Brass unclean ? . Or is it clean ,, meaning no paint , No plastic ect ect ?

      From the above prices you had mentioned , What is the scarp yard mark up ?

      Look forward to any comments



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        G'day Spartan and welcome. I'd be interested to hear what Brodie classes as Copper Shiny because every yard seems to have a different name for things. To me, clean copper wire would be #1. But then you can have burnt copper, copper solids, domestic copper and even dirty copper. So it's hard to compare sometimes.

        Brass mixed normally is Mixed Plumbers Brass and it should be "clean". Clean meaning that it doesn't have plastic or bits of other metal still in it. For me in my set-up, my brass also includes electrical brass which may have some copper still attached - but remember that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc so a bit more copper is value added.

        Other thing you will find Spartan, is that prices will vary from yard to yard. Brodie's prices for the various types of Aluminium are very good, but I find his brass price a bit low. His other prices seem about normal.
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          Originally posted by Spartan View Post

          From the above prices you had mentioned , What is the scarp yard mark up ?

          It depends on what the scrap yard does with the metal, not all sell it to the next buyer, some will process metal all the way to a fresh product.
          Scrap yard prices are not official scrap metal prices, if you want to know what a non-ferrous metal is currently really worth then just look at live metal charts
          like Kitco here.. http://www.kitcometals.com/charts/

          So take copper for example, current price right this minute is US$2.52 lb

          US$2.52 lb x 2.2 = US$5.54 kg
          US$5.54 kg = AU$7.45 kg

          So copper's market price at this minute is AU$7.45 kg
          Whatever your scrap yard pays then it's easy to see the margins.
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            I think they're some great prices there and wouldn't complain. I've been scrapping for years now and no matter what yard you go to, they're always going low ball you on something. I think it all depends on what they're trying to chase and hold themselves. Obviously in your case Brodie, copper, brass and ally and what they're after, and those prices are good for a metro area, let alone somewhere outside of it. Your insulated seems a bit low, especially with a near tonne of it, but hey! like I said there's always something. I get a minimum rate of $2.20, and generally anything over 100kg and I'm up around $2.60. Do the math and that rate could've scored you another $400. Same as your EM's, I'm getting 70c/kg at the moment. I hate to be that guy that says all this stuff, but I guess it's good to know what else is out there. Mind you I took in about 50kg of bright and shiny copper this year, and only got $5.20. I'd been saving up for around 6 months, and scrapped at probably the wrong time and wrong place. Such as scrapping and well done on that offload, it's one to remember