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  • Live metal and scrap metal prices

    Hello and good morning ,, I am a new member to join this scrap forum .
    I am looking for a subcription metal and scrap metal website , that has the latest live or 10 minute delayed prices .. I have visited many of them , USA , Scotland , USA , China ect ect .....
    Does anyone else have a subscription account ? or can suggest a good one ?

    Also looking for a subscription account for Polymer where i can see the live or delayed prices .

    Look fwd to any comments ...

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    Hi and Welcome.

    As you say, there's many sites that offer live prices but most are irrelevant unless you do business in that country.
    scrap metal prices in botswana or madagascar is different to scrap metal prices in china or Australia because it's also about local supply and demand.
    so official prices that are the same everywhere is what you go by, then add or subtract local conditions.
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      G'day Spartan and welcome.

      IMHO, Australia seems to suck when it comes to things like current prices on metal and scrap prices. I guess we are so tied to USA that the powers to be don't think it's worthwhile having our own service. Even scrap prices are hard to find. Maybe it's because they fluctuate so much, or maybe they don't want to be tied to prices they've advertised on the web. There are certainly a few shonks in the scrap metal game.


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        Thanks WEEE Ben and Okeden for your comments .
        I am looking for a live service that covers China and Europe .