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  • Chasing scrap far and wide

    I been picking up some good stuff lately but boy, i'm certainly doing the mileage.
    Yesterday was a long drive for a pick-up and tomorrow i'm going back to the same area except further out again.
    What I need is another me on the other side of town.
    Buying eWaste link here

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    I wish I could help but good to here that the is some stuff to pick up people over here are very slowly picking up what I'm trying to do over here


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      What do I do with surge plugs?

      200 surge plugs!

      All I can see so far is 600 brass bits to take off
      What's the chances someone would buy a sealed box of 100?

      Buying eWaste link here


      • Okeden
        Okeden commented
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        Yeah definitely try to sell them first. Maybe on e-bay. Otherwise a nice little job of smashing them all up for the brass.

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      I'd try and sell that by the box, surely someone would want to buy it.

      I went far and wide today too, 3 hours and what I got only covered fuel and bought me lunch. A total bust in my opinion. Sometimes you win...


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        You'd think so, I've put 'em up for $1 a pop, $100 for a box so we'll see.

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      Ben, when we get stuff that's too good to scrap, we bundle it all up and take a truck load down to an auction yard. They do online as well as live auctions. We've done well from it.