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  • West of Melbourne, Scrappers Paradise

    That's right, West of Melbourne is about to embark on hard rubbish frenzy.
    On schedule and it's starting off with two big municipalities going simultaneously.
    Tomorrow is my tracking day, i'll be doing two different runs to get a feel of things and from the weekend it'll be on for young and old

    Yep, i'm excited, even though I got a bit to do here I need a good scrap run fix.
    I think the thing that will stand out different for me this year is how I pack my van, over the years i've rushed to get stuff into the van as I pick it up.
    Now I'll take my time, bring a few more tools and undo things like wheels to pack in tightly, antennas I break off all the aluminium rods first.

    LCD tv's are another thing, now I leave the back of the van empty to slide in large flat screens and stack 'em on top of each other, I can stack 8 like that.
    Quickly undoing the 4 screws of the base from lcd's helps to stack 'em better and they're lighter to lift, some bases can weigh a lot and you've made a start to scrapping the lcd.

    I'm looking for wheelie bins this year, sometimes I find them thrown out so hoping for a couple at least.
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    Hi Ben you lucky thing as I envy you for having the hard rubbish but I will bide my time and Launceston will have there's I hope anyway good luck


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      Went out yesterday morning for my first run, not as much stuff around as I hoped.
      after an hour or so I noticed more people putting stuff out so it might of been best for an afternoon run.
      It wasn't too bad in the end, went around for about 2 hours and got a taste of most things except for lcd tv's.

      Cord cutters as usual are on the ball early, but the beauty of people putting out stuff at different times is there's always fresh cords.
      Vacuum cleaners are everywhere again, the first three items I picked up, without cords they're not much value but you still get some wire and the motor.
      Did about 7 crt's and half a projection tv so got some boards to clean up, some steel bits and I did come across a wheelie bin but it had too much junk in it so i'm still looking for bins.

      I didn't get to go out today but i'll probably skim around tomorrow morning to catch some stuff put out this evening.
      It was fun and had a couple good pick ups, enough to give me a taste for it anyway.

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        First thing I noticed the morning after was how sore I was, mostly from crouching down scrapping tv's, not sure how many more I can do like that, can barely walk today

        Unloaded the van and sorted things so I could take them into the workshop neatly and leave the steel out to load up tomorrow arvo,
        I was surprised at how much wire I got in the short time considering cord cutters were running around.

        The van's ready to go so i'll go for another fill in the morning and i'll have the rest of the week to scrap it all so i'm ready to go next week when there's two areas going at the same time.

        Anyone else got hard rubbish going or doing the same area as me?
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          Not a bad 2 hours work Ben. Still a couple months till we get a hard rubbish run down here .. Be interesting to see the change in what people are getting rid of


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            Yeah wasn't too bad, I was out catching up with people today and on the way back I was on the fwy which passed the area for hard rubbish so I went had a look.
            Ended up picking up a bit of steel, scrapped a few tv's but still not much in the way of lcd's out there.
            Then coming back I was looking at all the streets coming up soon, it's unreal how many houses there really is, I don't normally think of it but man, there's a lot of people around these days.
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              Went out today to another area, sunday is obviously a big day for scrappers, there was dozens of scrappers around.
              More steel then I would of thought so the low price of scrap steel has put off those guys that used to pick up all the loose ends of steel bits.
              But heavy stuff, white goods, microwaves etc are being snapped up as soon it's put out.

              CRT's that have been sitting out for a while were mostly all scrapped, but so many more, for someone wanting to quietly scrap tv's on the spot there's a good income there.
              I didn't scrap any crt's today, mostly because I was on a roll with LCD's and a lot of people around today, weekdays are much quieter to scrap crt's on the spot so I might do some tomorrow.
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                If you haven't already been around here, hard rubbish is on in a couple of suburbs near my place - Avondale Heights and Keilor East.

                It started June 22nd but they aren't picking up anything west of Milleara road for another couple of weeks.

                I've been keeping an eye out but like you said the scrappers were out in force over the weekend - everything from guys in tiny Suzuki Swifts fully to the brim, to one bloke driving around in a Hino truck with a big cage on the back, full of bulky appliances like cooktops, ovens, washing machines etc.

                Here is a link to when it's on in Moonee Valley:

                And the corresponding map:
                Check out my wanted to buy thread:
                [MEL] Buying PCs / Laptops / PC Hardware / Servers / RAM / CPUs etc!!


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                  Yeah that's the first area I started, it's just a bit far away for me to keep going up and back but as it rolls down milleara rd i'll be catching more of it.
                  I've seen that guy with the cage trailer a couple times, and more females then ever too.

                  The other area going simultaneously is Sunshine.. http://www.brimbank.vic.gov.au/SERVI...ste_Collection
                  The area is very big and enough scrap out there to load up 3 months worth of work straight.
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                    Originally posted by WEEE Ben View Post
                    CRT's that have been sitting out for a while were mostly all scrapped, but so many more, for someone wanting to quietly scrap tv's on the spot there's a good income there.
                    I didn't scrap any crt's today, mostly because I was on a roll with LCD's and a lot of people around today, weekdays are much quieter to scrap crt's on the spot so I might do some tomorrow.
                    Sigh, if I wasn't up to my eyeballs in this damn thesis...


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                      Brrrr.. it's crisp outside this morning.
                      Going to drag myself outside and walk around the workshop until I feel motivated enough to scrap something or maybe just clean up a bit.
                      Will be going out around lunchtime to fill the van with more scrap, hopefully more flat screen tv's as that's what I want to scrap tomorrow.
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                      • WEEE Ben
                        WEEE Ben commented
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                        Do you sell the aluminium engine whole? it would weigh a bit.

                      • DJGrecycling
                        DJGrecycling commented
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                        It would still only be iron ally blocks have steel cylinder sleeves... Wish I was still in Queensland only just come back down from airley beach.. Went from 20s shorts and tees to minus 6 and ice bit of a shock to the system lol

                      • Okeden
                        Okeden commented
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                        No Ben, I completely strip the engines whether they are alloy or steel. Luckily my time doesn't cost as I'm retired (joke Joyce) so can afford to spend more time to make sure I get the best return. However, DJG is on the money, so I might only get irony-ally price, but see what we can do. Even with the 302 block, I take all the welsh plugs out (in this case they are brass) and a couple of other brass fittings I noticed. So, yeah, anything I get, domestic or e-waste, I try to completely strip it.