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  • Door knobs and handles

    Hey guys, got a hold of a 15kg box of assorted door knobs, handles and hinges. There seems to be mixture of ages and types, some seem obvious, some not. It also appears as if they're made up of different materials. Magnet test does nothing, as they're either brass, stainless, or aluminium. Heavy weight and a yellow scratch test indicates brass, heavy weight and a white scratch test and they're stainless, light and white, aluminium. How do people sort these, class these, dismantle them? It seems worth it, but they're tricky to separate all the components. Can you leave them together and let them go under one category?

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    I run a magnet over the alloy ones and if there's some steel i'll just chuck 'em in irony aluminium, but if only faint magnetism areas i'd put 'em complete into regular aluminium.
    Same with stainless and yeah brass too, if the brass has steel bits then it's worth pulling apart but I think the aluminium ones aren't worth the time and you'll probably get similar money for it as irony.

    Buying eWaste link here


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      You also get pot metal/zinc die-cast ones. The ones I've seen have a zinc body with a thin sheet of brass over it to make a "brass" knob. I think there's a scratch test to tell zinc die cast apart from aluminum, but you can usually tell by weight.