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  • $111.95 Easy Scrapping Money

    Scored an easy $111.95 today scrapping off electric motors, a car battery, number 2 wire & some insulated wire. Not a bad pick up and heading off back over the weekend with alluminium and heavy steel.
    Did a quick video and thought you guys may want to see it,

    Watch "Easy $111.95 Scrapping Money, part 1" on YouTube
    Easy $111.95 Scrapping Money, part 1: http://youtu.be/jjWnuTFqqZM

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    Thats good, bit of cash is always handy, the transformers with the chunky bits of copper wire sticking out the sides, I cut them bits off, not much but it's worth 10 x more cut off.
    Do you cash all your microwave transformers in? the copper/copper ones are worth cracking open.
    Buying eWaste link here


    • Pommy Picker
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      Hi, yeah i take all the transformers in, i know if you scratch them you can see whether they are copper or ally but to grind, smash or strip them would take up too much of my already overstretched time, i love scrapping but dont want it to consume me lol
      Most modern microwaves today use aluminium anyway.

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    I guess we all have our items for taking shortcuts, I really enjoy cracking open microwave transformers so I do all the copper/copper ones.
    But things like power supply units from pc's I leave in the towers, just cut the wires off.

    There's another option I see, might try it myself, sell 'em on ebay, there's nothing that could go wrong with the transformers I don't think, it's just copper wedged into steel.

    Buying eWaste link here