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  • Need your help guys

    Morning guys
    Advice please, nbn cabling is there a scrap value ?

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    Data cable goes as low grade insulated wire.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Thanks for the reply Ben, but since posting i have been told its worth bugger all, the yard didnt even want it for free so kind of proved to me they wernt trying to pull a fast one.


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        I wouldn''t say it's worth bugger all, low grade insulated is around $1.20 kg
        Buying eWaste link here


        • Pommy Picker
          Pommy Picker commented
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          3 sources have told me all that is inside is glass

        • WEEE Ben
          WEEE Ben commented
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          oh you mean optical fibre, the cable they are replacing is copper based but yeah optical fibre is worth a lot as is but not as scrap..