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  • That time of year again...

    Well, my council (Moreland, Melbourne) is about to start hard rubbish collection for the year. I probably won't get to play much though, thanks to Uni . I did have my eye on a washing machine some early bird put out on my street yesterday, but by the time I could come back with my tools someone had made off with the whole thing. The left the vacuum cleaner though. Moreland talks tough about "organised scavengers", so keep that in mind.

    I wonder if this year's hard rubbish will be the last hurrah for CRTs. I imagine that a lot of the ones that are left will be winkled out of their hidey-holes and put on the nature strip this time round.

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    They don't have a handy zone map of where they will start, what streets are they starting from?
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      Not as far as I'm aware. They just do letter drops saying 'your street will be collected on x'. Southern Brunswick is one of the first areas to be collected, maybe it then moves progressively northwards?


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        seems early this year, like 2 months early? Next door in the Moonee Valley council the're doing it starting June!
        Most councils i've looked up are collecting in winter so I wonder why they went so early? residents there didn't have enough time to accumulate enough junk

        Since there's very little else i'd imagine scrappers are going to be congregating to your area in droves
        Yeah there will definitely be the last remains of CRT's, same with projection tv's, it'll be the last of them too, back in my scrapping on the spot days I could scrap a crt in 3 minutes so there's some money to be made there with what's left.

        I'm hoping to see a bigger flow of lcd tv's now, aside from pc's it's all i'll pick up now, oh and microwaves off course.
        I know some don't like vacuum cleaners but I'm like a vacuum magnet so whilst some can be very dusty and dirty, I take 'em all.
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          Forgot to mention project material, steel bars, rods, poles and anything cast iron, I use it in the garden and for future things I want to build.

          Think i'll do a list of things i'll be looking for during this years hard rubbish season..

          Picking Up:

          Project Material (steel bars, poles, rods, cast iron)
          LCD TV's
          Projection TV's
          DVD/Set Top Boxes

          Game Consoles
          Cutting all Cords

          Aluminium & Stainless Items

          Leaving be:

          Scrap Steel
          CRT TV's

          Everything Else
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            I think Moreland just runs on a different schedule to most other councils, last years hard rubbish was in April/May as well. That was just before I got into scrapping (oops!)

            The first collections begin tomorrow, but here are a few observations:

            * Scrap is thick on the ground. I've only been able to go out for an hour or so for every evening, and have never traveled more than a couple of blocks from my home, but each time I've come back with four or five CRT guts, a couple of electric motor/transformer appliances (vacuums, stereos etc), cords and so on. I even found a motherboard with CPU and 2 DIMMS in an open box on the way to work yesterday. I actually had to upgrade my bike's carrying capacity with one of those old, black council recycling bins (itself picked up from hard rubbish) in the place of the wire basket.

            * (Following on from the above) We are definitely looking at the last purge of CRTs. As mentioned, I have yet to travel outside maybe a three block radius of my house, and I've come across 20 so far. If you want to get into CRTs, now is the time as there simply won't be many left after this.

            * CRTs and vacuums are where it's at - no one else wants them, so you can just cruise around and pluck them at your leisure.

            * I've been seeing a surprising amount of CRT monitors. Given that LCDs took over the monitor scene before they did TVs, I figured that CRT monitors would already have disappeared by now.

            * A lot of people save the best stuff for the last minute.

            * Even with the price drop, people are still scrapping steel. My own contribution to the kerb-side piles was a big steel wiring cabinet (filched from a construction dumpster and stripped of goodies) filled with shred (a PC case, drive shells, misc. steel, CRT circuit boards after their encounter with Messrs. Hammer and Cold Chisel, etc.). I figured I'd leave it on the nature strip and continue filling it with shred until it was collected this week, but someone made off with it on Friday. Good on 'em, but why anyone would take up valuable ute space on such a large, low-value item is beyond me.

            * Cord-cutters, or the two that I saw anyway, look like an older, shabbier version of me. To wit: an old guy with an ancient helmet riding around on an old bike and a milk crate on the back.

            * Why cord-cutters don't get into scrapping "proper" is beyond me. With the addition of a screwdriver and five minutes, that CRT that was worth maybe 40c for the cord is now $5.00.

            * The one scrapper I saw in a vehicle (with washing machine and steel on the back) was also an old guy. I wonder what the average age of scrappers is?


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              Best find so far:

              A Giant OCR3 road-racing bike with four wheels. This is a proper, albeit entry-level, aluminium framed road bike from a top-tier manufacturer. It boggles me that someone would throw this out, but I have some indication of what went wrong - each of the pairs of wheels it came with has a broken spoke in it somewhere. That should be repairable, though and so long as the frame isn't cracked or damaged, I should be able to fix this puppy up and sell it for a couple of hundred.

              Mind you, I got this just in the nick of time, as I was gathering it up I heard the chatter-chatter-chatter of a tired diesel and an ancient Toyota Dyna came chuffing down the street with another scrapper at the helm. He scored a fridge from the same pile, however, so it was a win-win


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                Sounds exciting, i'm itching to get out there and have some fun myself.
                Yeah they do leave good things 'till last, many wait until the last day so there could of been some good stuff put out this evening.

                I might finally get to do a quick drive by in the morning, bit disappointed there's still crt's, was hoping to see mostly lcd's this year.
                Nice bike, yeah that'll fix up well, hard rubbish is just starting so by the end of it you could a fleet of bikes
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                  Yeah, I also scored a kid's BMX, but I just want that for the aluminium wheel rims and brake callipers. The rest of it is a boat anchor - it seriously weighs more than a half-decent adult's bike.

                  I have a fairly major piece of uni work due this month, so I probably won't be able to play anymore, at least for a few weeks .

                  Given that I can fix bikes and have all the tools, I wouldn't mind hooking up with some Melbourne scrappers and buying any good fixable/sellable bikes they come across for greater than scrap value. It's only a thought at the moment, but if anyone's interested just shoot me a PM.

                  In other news, I have seen quite a few LCDs, but mostly yesterday and this morning. I think they might be another 'last minute' item. They get snapped up quickly though.

                  The first thing the official collectors picked, up interestingly, were the CRTs. All the other electrical stuff is still awaiting collection.


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                    Great minds think alike, I was thinking similar last night about bikes. Like if I found any good ones or good parts I would give you a hoy.
                    Something like over the hard rubbish period, accumulate bikes, take pictures and keep the bits you want, the rest sell as scrap.
                    Then at the end of the season we could drop the haul off to you.

                    I didn't get to go today either, looks like it'll have to be this weekend i'll start for sure.
                    you don't know where the second stage is do you?
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                      Originally posted by WEEE Ben View Post
                      you don't know where the second stage is do you?
                      Why yes, I do, for there is now a handy-dandy map!

                      I like your ideas on the bikes. I have to think my way though a few of the nuts and bolts of this, including how to come up with a fair price to buy them at. I might start another thread on this later.


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                        well steel is 10c kg, irony alloy is 35c kg and clean alloy is $1 kg so that's a start.
                        good seats, alloy rims & good tires i'd imagine are cosmetic things that you'd always want?

                        About time they got with the program and made a map, us "scavengers" need all the help we can get
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                          You are doing really well if your steel is still 10c kg Ben best to hope for up here is 4 c kg light gauge

                        • WEEE Ben
                          WEEE Ben commented
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                          4c kg is a bit rough, 10c is the highest level near me but i'm guessing most are paying 6c - 8c kg around Melbourne.