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  • Scrap Metal Price Guide

    Thought i'd do a thread on the average scrap metal prices in Australia.

    This price list is just the average from a few different sources to be used as a guide only.
    depending on your locality or for any other reasons, scrap yards vary in prices quite a lot.

    So for every scrapper, it's a balance of travel time between scrap yards, level of service offered and just personal preference aswell as prices.
    these prices are currently what you could expect from your local scrap yard as a general public customer.
    obviously if you had high volumes you could expect to get a slightly better price, anything non-ferrous by the tonne is an attractive buy
    so don't be afraid to negotiate if you have an awesome load.

    all prices in AU$ and based on average prices..

    Pressing Steel (Scrap Steel)
    4c kg

    Stainless Steel
    $1.00 kg

    Transformers/Electric Motors
    50c kg


    $1.10 kg - Extrusion
    $1.00 kg - Cast
    $0.90 kg - Domestic
    $0.85 kg - Cans
    $1.30 kg - Wheels
    $0.30 kg - Irony


    $3.40 kg - Mixed Brass


    $1.70 kg - Insulated Copper Wire
    $5.20 kg - Burnt
    $5.40 kg - Tinned
    $5.60 kg - Candy
    $5.80 kg - Millberry


    $0.50 kg - Lead Acid Batteries
    $1.20 kg - Soft Lead


    $0.40 - Irony Alloy Radiators
    $2.10 - Alloy/Copper Radiators

    Australian E-WASTE Price Guide

    Since this price guide was first put up we've learnt of existing e-waste buyers and newer buyers coming into play.

    We seem to have a basic e-waste pricing structure compared to the United States, mostly because there are very few larger refiners,
    and very few e-waste buyers in general in Australia, the competition is huge in the states so e-waste buyers need to be a lot more specific in what they buy,
    here large refiners grade CPU's all the same, in the states some can break down prices for every single CPU, there just ain't that much volume here for a refiner to bother separating them. another is pc motherboards, we grade them all the same, in the states, green mobo's are the high grade mobo's. all the other colors are a lower grade, cheaper manufactured versions with lower precious metal content, here there isn't enough volume to seperate them.

    Average price guide from various sources:

    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) battery & heat sinks removed

    $0.20 kg - Power Boards, Brown CRT Boards & Green LCD Heavy Power Boards (with the large transformers)
    $1.20 kg - Low Grade Boards (Green Boards)
    $3.50 kg - High Grade Boards (Green Boards with Gold Corners on IC Chips)
    $3.80 kg - Slot Cards (no heat sinks)
    $3.50 kg - Motherboards
    $4.00 kg - Server boards
    $4.00 kg - Telecom/Networking/Cisco Boards
    $1.20 kg - CD/DVD Boards

    $8.00 kg - Rambus (ram with metal casing)
    $11.00 kg - Ram

    $35.00 kg - Gold Fingers (gaps in fingers)
    $70.00 kg - Gold Fingers (full fingers)


    $7.00 kg - Green Fibre w/heatsink (Pinless)
    $10.00 kg - Green Fibre w/heatsink (Pins)
    $10.00 kg - Slot Processors
    $20.00 kg - Green or Brown Fibre without heatsink
    $34.00 kg - Black Fibre
    $40.00 kg - AMD Ceramic
    $40.00 kg - Pentium Ceramic
    $45.00 kg - Gold Capped (Cyrix/VIA/IBM)
    $100.00 kg - Pentium PRO or Motorola
    $150.00 kg - Intel 386/486

    Components & Bits

    $1.00 ea - Mobile Phones (complete)
    $1.10 kg - Hard Drives (complete)
    $2.00 kg - Gold Plugs/Connectors (cleaned of excess steel & plastic)
    $2.40 kg - Silver Mylar (keyboard & keypad mylar sheets)
    $0.35 kg - Power Supply Units (with wire).
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    Updated scrap metal prices, Aluminium has held up well with extruded prices on the up.
    Copper has dropped in spot price and is starting to take affect at scrap yards, Bubt Copper down to $5.20 on average, Insulated wire down to $1.80 kg but expect another drop if copper spot price doesn't rise soon.


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      Prices updated today, we have added Tinned Copper to the list, Tinned Copper plates and bars are generally found on large, high voltage systems.