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  • Dump Clean-Up

    G'day Scrappies

    Just spent the last 10 days out at the Quilpie Dump in Western Queensland. My mate with the crushing machine won the contract out there and it hasn't been cleaned out for several years. Mate is doing all the light gauge steel with his crusher and the heavy stuff he is cutting and putting in his scrap bins. My job is the pile of white goods. I am stripping all the goodies and then mate will crush what's left.

    Got home about 10:40 last night with a load and will be heading back on Tuesday to finish the Quilpie dump before heading a further 100 km west to Eromanga. The dump there is not quite as big but has some cars as well. Apparently the quality is better out there as there are no scavengers. It is a mining community, so they are not really interested. It's over 900 km to the nearest scrap yard so not worthwhile for back yarders. But I've definitely got to invest in a 5-6 tonne truck which will be more applicable then my ute.

    I'll be taking the Go-Pro with me this time so will get some vids for you. In the meantime you'll have to settle for some photos.

    First two pics give an idea of the white goods pile. I've brought back a loaded 7x4 trailer, my ute loaded and the back seat of my ute loaded. Next two pics show the "bricks" that mate makes with the crusher, and the final pic is the Mack all loaded and ready to go. Mate is bringing back a second trailer so will road train out next trip. I'm bring the big car trailer with a wire cage to hopefully get everything this trip. Mate has 30 bricks on the load with three scrap bins at the back full of heavy gauge. He also has oversize heavy gauge pipe running down the middle of the load.

    Cheers all.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks for the pics Bill - looks like hard yakka, but in a satisfying kinda way!
    Looks very dry up there to me.. but then I grew up in nice cropping country, so it's quite possible your pics show normal conditions!
    Looking forward to the upcoming vids 👍😊