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  • My weekend of scrapping.

    I try and scrap / recycle every day no matter how small it might be.

    Took the car up the road to a dumpster in Redfern that I noticed while walking home on Thursday arvo. It was full of light aluminium 25mm L-section - got about 3kg out of it.
    Went and had a quick look in an industrial estate in Alexandria that is usually productive. Nothing in their bin area but I also wanted some hessian bags from the coffee roasters dumpster. I got 10 bags and there was a car battery behind the dumpster so that was a $7 score.
    Cashed in a load of drink containers at the Return & Earn machine - $6.70

    The building I do yoga at is renovating the common areas. I wandered down to the basement where the builders had a skip. I was pulling comms cable, #1 Cu wire. Cu pipe and transformers out of the skip and one of the labourers offers to sell me a pile of steel wall framing for $50. I told him I'd take it away if he paid me $50 as it was worth about $2 at the scrap dealer. Meanwhile I'm pulling more wire out and he doesn't bat an eyelid. Had to stop as I'd filled a shopping bag and my GF (also my yoga teacher) was out the front fuming.
    Helped a friend setup a worm farm (used one of the hessian sacks) including supplying about 1000 worms plus eggs.
    Fitted an LED bulb that I found in a skip to the GFs front light. Also found a quantity of Brand New in Packet women's underwear of the very slutty kind in a skip. Gave them to GF. She declined the gift. LOL
    Took the 15 y.o. rescue Maltese for a walk around Crows Nest / Cammeray. In 90 minutes we got 2 overhead fans and 2 shopping bags of cables. Had to return home once as it was all too heavy. Clocked up 3000+ steps. bipassed 5 pedestal fan motors and 3x microwaves.

    On the walk to the station - 3x appliance cables.

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    This is awesome Brad - a great basis for a youtube channel!

    Walking the streets of Sydney - a recycler's diary