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  • Facebook advertising - wonder how this will go!?

    I've just spammed my local area facebook groups with the following note..

    "As many of you may know, since the 1st of July, it is now illegal to dispose of any ewaste into general household rubbish.
    There is a drop-off point at the local tip, but I am now providing a free in-town option, at my shop in High St. I am interested in recycling ewaste of any kind, both in terms of repairing and selling through my secondhand business, or scrapping for precious metal recovery. I'll also be parting out some items and marketing online as well as repurposing/upcycling components into other useful items. Examples of this can be found on my youtube channel "The Ultimate Recycler".
    My aim is to keep as much useful stuff out of landfill as possible! As I've recently undergone hip surgery, larger household appliances will not be possible just at the moment, but smaller electronics items are fine. All data sensitive computer items such as hard drives will be dealt with accordingly and not re-sold.
    Ewaste covers anything with a power cord (even just boxes of cords!), or takes batteries.
    Call into 'Sundries too Numerous to Mention' on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday (10am - 5pm) for any further information or drop-offs."

    I'm really curious now to see if I get much of response to this, other than people simply liking the posts!
    Just last week I had a few items dropped off (from word of mouth) and I just sold a Panasonic main board from a 32" LCD TV (cracked screen) on ebay for $60 and received an 80's era National boombox in perfect working order which easily should pull $100! I'm thinking that the actual ewaste scrap value will be a rather minor percentage of the value I receive!! It may build up to be a very handy addition to my secondhand business!

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    I like it. Transparent and honest.

    How's the hip going?


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      Thanks Brad - I've had quite a big response as far as people liking the posts and tagging their friends. I even had a local council representative say to me today "good on you - you'll get a big response!"
      Hope it's not too big too quickly as I'm still on crutches! (At least I am when the misses is watching!)
      Day 5 home from hospital today and things are going pretty well. I'll be pleased when I can get off all the drugs though..


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        Hello Chris,

        where are you located?


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          Hiya Notthejedi,

          I'm in central Victoria.. about an hour north of Melbourne

          Welcome to the forum! It's pretty quiet in here, so feel free to make some noise!


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            Cheers Chris, good luck with your project. Hope you recover soon.