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    Actually, talking about prices, the load I took to Brisbane last Friday returned my good money.

    Milberry - $8.00
    Candy - $7.50
    Burnt - $7.00
    Looms - $3.10
    Insulated - $2.50
    Brass - $5.00
    Irony Brass - $2.75
    Copper/Ally Rads - $3.50
    Ally Rads - $0.50
    Ally Extruded - $1.55
    Ally Cast - $1.10
    Ally Domestic - $1.10
    Electric Motors - $0.75

    Just a note. My electric motors were a very mixed bag. Anything with a copper winding that I couldn't be bothered spending time on, tiny little EM's from computers. And my insulated copper wire covered everything from extension leads, all sorts of wires off whitegoods, leads out of computers, you name it.

    So a profitable trip for me, even without what I make from my small Accounting business. I must admit that the two businesses work well together. They share the fuel bill which is generally around $150 depending on current fuel prices.

    Anyway, hope the prices give you some hope. Cheers


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      Much better than everything I've been quoted thus far, however, it could be because you are a regular and doing it with some volume. But very motivating if that is a sign of things to come.

      I presume you aren't a stockpiler of stripped copper?

      Thanks for sharing the information about your Accounting business, I run a couple of businesses myself Digital Agency and also a Telecommunications company, the latter along with the work we do in IT has some cross over into recycling, in that we have access to decent quantities of phone systems, handsets, cords, sometimes computers, monitors etc. Just unsure if it's worth taking the plunge and trying to run it as its own business ie advertising and doing business pickups.

      I've been pretty obsessed for the past 4-5months just learning as much as i can, and trying to identify if there is reasonable and sustainable money to be made, beyond something i do for fun.

      The other hindrance I have is my Electrical Engineering degree and the fact that chemistry was my best subject at school, I look at the pile of 60-70kg of circuit boards I have amassed the past few months, knowing i will never be content with just recovering precious metals


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        Yeah David, we all seem to have a cross to bear.

        And yes you are probably correct. Because I'm regular and take reasonable quantities in, I possibly get a slightly better price. Still have to negotiate a bit when it comes to heavy gauge in size steel. It is listed at $270 tn but I get $300. Also know that they have been light on with heavy steel so I have a small advantage.

        As for stripped copper, you're correct. I have a wire stripper so it is easy to strip insulated. And at $8 kg for Milberry, why not. Even smaller gauge wire which produces Candy is worth doing. What is not worth doing is extension leads which have a heavy outer insulation as well a inner insulation. Just remember that when you get paid for insulated wire it includes the weight of the insulation as well. You need to be able to recover about 40% copper from the cable to make it worthwhile.

        I'm about to start on some You Tube vids about many things to do with scrapping, including E-Waste. Cheers
        OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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          Looking forward to your vids Bill!!


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            Cheers Chris. Actually one of the first will also be on Air Conditioners. I've still got a reverse cycle here that I kept from last load of 18.Obviously quite different to your recent video. Actually done one vid as a trial, it's just an 8 minute intro to my messy scrapping site. I should put it up just as is. I was going to edit a bit, but warts and all.
            OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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              Looking forward to the video Okeden, I had read a bunch of your posts on this forum prior to signing up. How do you handle the freon in those AC units?

              Had a great night last night, checked out a couple of local spots 13x brand new in box 3rd Gen Apple Tv's, Dell small form factor pc, 2 x threaded rod cutters, 2x 24" monitors, some assorted DJ equipment/mixers, 20+ kgs stainless steel pipes in two convenient carry bags, decent tub filled with low grade insulated wire. Much more fun than my corporate job.


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                Nice haul David - yep, the old "hunter gatherer" thing is very addictive! 😁

                Bill - yes, warts & all please!


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                  Price Update for Sydney (Western) - 6th October, 2020
                  Electric Motors - $0.50
                  Low Grade Insulated - $2.50 (up from $2.40 few months ago)
                  Batteries - $0.55c
                  Aluminium Irony (45%) - $0.15
                  Aluminum Cast - $0.70
                  Aluminium Extrusion - $1.45 (up from $1.30 few months ago)
                  Stainless Steel - $1.00
                  Light Ballasts - $0.15


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                    Thanks David for that info. But the prices continue to vary from state to state.My current prices in Qld are

                    Electric Motors - $0.68
                    Insulated - $2.75
                    Batteries - $0.54
                    Irony Ally 45% - $0.45
                    Cast Ally - $1.10
                    Extruded - $1.60
                    Stainless 304 - $1.45
                    Stainless 316 - $1.90
                    Light Ballasts - $0.68 We include these with our electric motors not as a separate item.

                    So as you see, there is a big variance. But we can only deal with the yards in our own states.

                    OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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                      Actually, talking about prices, I took in a complete 6 cyl car and a load of alloy rims. Very pleasant surprise with the cars up from $400 to $450, and the alloy rims $1.64, down from $1.68. So a good run. It does reflect a weakness in the Aluminium prices.

                      OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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                        I'll get some updated Perth prices in the next day or so then you guys will feel real good about what your getting paid!!!!!!!


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                          Only did copper and low grade boards. Copper prices are best here in a long while.

                          Milberry - $7.20
                          Copper 1 - $6.70
                          Copper 2 - $6.00
                          Low grade boards - 30c a kg which is down