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    Crikey, the forums gone quiet. Everyone must be in lockdown. Not so in Queensland. Took a load down to Brisbane a week ago and got some good prices.

    Milberry - $8, Candy - $7.70, Burnt - $7.10, Brass - $5.10, Cu/Ally Rads - $3.65, Stainless 316 - $1.90, Extruded - $1.55, Cast & Domestic Ally - $1.10
    Heavy Gauge Steel In Size - $270/tn. Heavy Gauge Steel Over Size - $240/tn
    Batteries a bit disappointing at 52 cents & Lead Sheet - $1.50

    All in all, they are healthy prices and reflect the strength of the commodities market.

    Beautiful blue skies up here and the Sou'wester has finally almost died off. That wind has been freezing. Anyway looks like a good day to do some scrapping.

    And, Wee Ben, finally got a couple of batteries and a charger for the GoPro, so will see what I can come up with.



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      Excellent prices there Bill!
      I've been pretty busy doing youtube stuff and spending time in my yard getting some scrap sorted. With my shop closed due to COVID, I spend more time outside - which means less time to browse forums!!
      I am slowly getting organised to run some scrap down to Melbourne once the lockdown eases (and assuming the prices are ok). I've just about got 1000kg of brass here - if I can get $5 or so, it will be a goer! I've been threatening to actually sell something for years - it's almost time! 🤣


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        Wow Chris, nearly a tonne of brass. My price today is $5.30, $5,300. Great effort. My scrappie mate up here is trying to fill a scrap bin with brass. Don't know how much he has at the moment, but if he ever fills it, I'd reckon he will break the dealer's bank. No idea on Melbourne prices.

        Our prices are just on the up and up. Basically anything to do with copper or brass is going through the roof. On this mornings commodity report, all metals on the index went up. Even burnt copper is pulling $7.60 here. And even domestic is $5.90. Don't know where it will stop but hoping not too soon. I have a load of 20 air-cons to pick up next trip to Brisbane along with an unknown quantity of heavy steel which if been told I will have to cut up to move it, so who knows. So that will be Saturday week. Over a $1,000 just in the air-cons. So business is booming, fingers crossed.
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          Great prices there. My yards e-waste yard prices have returned to normal, so was happy there yesterday.


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            Prices remain pretty miserable in the west - real imbalance between eastern state prices - only brass and electric motors at same price here as 6 months ago.

            Copper #2 - $5
            Ally - cast alloy & domestic - $70c
            Ally extruded - 80c
            Brass - $3.50
            Steel insize/hard - 14c
            Steel light - 7c
            Batteries - $100 a ton
            Elec motors - 30c


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              Those prices are disgusting LovaGoodScrap. Like, I sold a load of Heavy Gauge In Size yesterday for $300 per tonne. And batteries are currently $540 per tonne.

              Copper #2 (Candy) - $7.90
              Ally Cast & Domestic - $1.10
              Extruded - $1.60
              Brass - $4.70
              Elec Motors - .70c

              Guess you can't do much about it, but those prices are very sad.
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                Forum has been playing up and I have the Tech working on it, keep getting hacked by someone, hopefully it'll be ok soon and the site will get updated to the latest version so that might put it down for a while too.

                Anyway, Yeah those prices are criminal, batteries should be 5 times that, maybe shop around, call every scrap yard with a couple items to get a price check
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                  First Time Poster, been reading the forums for sometime now. Time to start contributing.

                  From a couple of Sydney Scrap Yards earlier this week.

                  Low Grade Insulated $2.40/kg (power cables, ethernet cables, connecting wire)
                  Honey Brass $4.50/kg
                  Motors 50c/kg (bit disappointing, not much money for approx 60kg worth)
                  Extruded Aluminium $1.30kg

                  I've got 50kg+ worth of Transformers I don't want to part with at 50c/kg. If anyone knows of better prices around Sydney happy for a recommendation.


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                    Welcome David,
                    Those prices look pretty standard I think. I'm just north of Melbourne, so can't help you with Sydney yards.
                    I get the feeling that eventually transformers will drop right away with pricing as many new ones have aluminium wire rather than copper. It will make a big difference to a refiner's bottom line as there'll be less & less copper..


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                      Thanks for the reply Chris. I've seen references on this forum and on eWaste Ben's videos where people are getting 70c/kg so wasn't sure if i should persevere with trying to find better prices.

                      Whilst on the topic of transformers. Would sealed ballasts from fluorescent lighting pass as a transformer? I have a bunch of sealed ballasts that aren't easy to open, would need to cut them open. I've been scrapping the ones that are easy to open up and removing the small transformers etc, but the sealed units I dont know what to do with at this point. Just starting my scrapping journey



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                        Yeah, I think they are paying around 70c in Melbourne atm and I'm pretty sure ballasts can go as transformers.
                        You have to be careful with older ballasts as apparently they have a carcinogenic material in them - much safer and easier to sell them as they are I think.
                        I have 100kg of them stacked up here!
                        Here's a video I did on fluoro lights awhile back..


                        • DavidD
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                          Thanks heaps Chris. I can't help but feel a bit starstruck, some of my favourite youtube scrappers are on this forum

                          I've got a few places near me that have a steady supply of fluorescent lights of various ages, will keep grabbing them. thanks

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                        G'day DavidD

                        I'm in Qld and flouro ballasts go as transformers. I've just done a load to my scrap merchant and they are paying 75c. The amount of time and effort to strip them is not worthwhile, IMHO.

                        Up here have three different grades of electric motors and I was paid at the best rate. Must point out that I am not a hobbyest, I do this professionally, although I'm only a small country dealer, 300+ klms from Brisbane. So must say my yard treats me very fairly. Always a good idea to get on well with them. Even play the "newcomer" and ask for help and recommendations. That gives their egos a boost so they generally look after you. Never try to rip them off. Once they catch you out, you're buggered. You can make a mistake, but be up front and apologize.

                        Good luck in your ventures mate.
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                        • DavidD
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                          That's very interesting, I've called 4-5 sydney yards and it appears to be the one price for electric motors.
                          In terms of ripping off the scrap yards, definitely not a good idea.

                          My only "guilt" or ignorance at this point when it comes to the scrapyard, which i believe should be within the rules are:
                          1. Throwing in Motors/Transformers with aluminium windings, I presume this is how they justify the 50c/kg
                          2. The yards I have visited seem to have a broad spectrum when it comes to lowgrade insulated wire, some decent gauge TPS with outer sheath removed is considered lowgrade. Would throwing in a few small pieces of insulated aluminium wire, insulated steel wire (i think, it's connecting wire on some circuit boards), or even coax with a central copper wire into lowgrade be considered cheating? It's only into lowgrade I have done this at this point.

                          Thanks for the well wishes. Covid lockdown activated the scrapper in me.