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    Crikey, the forums gone quiet. Everyone must be in lockdown. Not so in Queensland. Took a load down to Brisbane a week ago and got some good prices.

    Milberry - $8, Candy - $7.70, Burnt - $7.10, Brass - $5.10, Cu/Ally Rads - $3.65, Stainless 316 - $1.90, Extruded - $1.55, Cast & Domestic Ally - $1.10
    Heavy Gauge Steel In Size - $270/tn. Heavy Gauge Steel Over Size - $240/tn
    Batteries a bit disappointing at 52 cents & Lead Sheet - $1.50

    All in all, they are healthy prices and reflect the strength of the commodities market.

    Beautiful blue skies up here and the Sou'wester has finally almost died off. That wind has been freezing. Anyway looks like a good day to do some scrapping.

    And, Wee Ben, finally got a couple of batteries and a charger for the GoPro, so will see what I can come up with.



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      Excellent prices there Bill!
      I've been pretty busy doing youtube stuff and spending time in my yard getting some scrap sorted. With my shop closed due to COVID, I spend more time outside - which means less time to browse forums!!
      I am slowly getting organised to run some scrap down to Melbourne once the lockdown eases (and assuming the prices are ok). I've just about got 1000kg of brass here - if I can get $5 or so, it will be a goer! I've been threatening to actually sell something for years - it's almost time! 🤣


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        Wow Chris, nearly a tonne of brass. My price today is $5.30, $5,300. Great effort. My scrappie mate up here is trying to fill a scrap bin with brass. Don't know how much he has at the moment, but if he ever fills it, I'd reckon he will break the dealer's bank. No idea on Melbourne prices.

        Our prices are just on the up and up. Basically anything to do with copper or brass is going through the roof. On this mornings commodity report, all metals on the index went up. Even burnt copper is pulling $7.60 here. And even domestic is $5.90. Don't know where it will stop but hoping not too soon. I have a load of 20 air-cons to pick up next trip to Brisbane along with an unknown quantity of heavy steel which if been told I will have to cut up to move it, so who knows. So that will be Saturday week. Over a $1,000 just in the air-cons. So business is booming, fingers crossed.
        OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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          Great prices there. My yards e-waste yard prices have returned to normal, so was happy there yesterday.


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            Prices remain pretty miserable in the west - real imbalance between eastern state prices - only brass and electric motors at same price here as 6 months ago.

            Copper #2 - $5
            Ally - cast alloy & domestic - $70c
            Ally extruded - 80c
            Brass - $3.50
            Steel insize/hard - 14c
            Steel light - 7c
            Batteries - $100 a ton
            Elec motors - 30c