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    Steel has gone up a bit since x-mas yeah, there's some yards still paying lower prices but overall I think we should start seeing better prices all over.
    Just before x-mas I went to my usual yard and for the first time they wouldn't pay for dirty pressing steel, so I took it around the corner and got 12c kg.
    Same place recently was 14c kg so it's gone up. I prefer this other yard for pressing steel because mine's dirty, lcd tv's & printers included, But if I get clean steel like when i'm street scrapping, i'll go to this new place up the road.

    It looks like copper based scrap is going good, brass is going great guns.

    I forgot to include my video here so here it is to save anyone going to youtube..
    Buying eWaste link here


    • Beekers Bits n Bites
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      Hey Ben, great new video. Found many of your YouTube videos very helpful - as just getting started scrapping. Unfortunately our local (central Victoria) yard prices are not quite as generous, but hope they follow the trend up. Thanks

    • Chris
      Chris commented
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      Beekers Bits n Bites - where abouts are you? I checked prices in Shepparton about 12 months ago and almost laughed out aloud at the pittance they offered!
      I'll be doing loads to Melbourne when I'm ready to sell..

    • Beekers Bits n Bites
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      Hi Chris. Thanks for your info here too, am learning a lot, quick. Tatura here, will have to take a look at your 2nd hand shop in Nagambie sometime. Got to look into some other 'options' locally but yes prices lower than the city. Guess transport comes into it. But wouldn't be driving a load of steel down. Stockpile as 'Ben' says n take it from there. Thanks again.

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    Thanks Ben,
    If I do a van load of steel at some stage, I'll bring some boards down for you


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      Originally posted by Chris View Post
      They didn't pay you for steel Brad? -
      No but I think there were 2 reasons.
      1) I was dealing with the new manager who is turning out to be a bit of a cock. He doesn't like the fact the previous manager has it on file that I get dealer prices.
      2) I only had about 10-20kg of steel. I usually have 50-70kg.

      I keep going to the yard with the intention of taking fewer scrap types but in bigger quantities but because they don't advertise their prices I tend to take more types.

      I'm off O/S for a month and will be doing it differently so that their small minds don't get confused by too many metal types.

      BTW: I've got a new temp role at work and am back out in the field. They are doing electrical upgrades at a few of out sites and there is heaps of high grade wire in the dumpsters. The guy that "hired" me is happy for me to take it. :-)


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        Prices continue to fall in the west - from my regular outer suburban yard this week.

        Copper #1 - $6.00
        Copper #2 - $5.50
        Ally - cast alloy & domestic - $70c
        Ally extruded - $1
        Brass - $3.50
        Steel insize/hard - 16c
        Steel light - 8c

        PVC all down in line with copper price


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          I'm back out doing site visits (when the company isn't making me self-quarantine). We're doing a lot of clearing of redundant equipment to make maintenance and trouble shooting easier and everything is going straight in the dumpster. The site supervisor doesn't care what happens after that so I've been ratting through it at lunchtime.
          On Monday I got 60kg of low grade insulated wire. After checking to see if it was worth stripping (it wasn't), I took it to the scrap yard. Unfortunately prices are down about 10%.

          LG Insulated Cu wire 76kg x $2.05 = $156.80

          New video


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            Got a good 40kg load of LG Cu Insulated out of some random skips on the w/e. It had a heavy outer cover so not worth stripping. Took it in today.

            Prices are returning to normal.

            Light Iron Shred: 8c / kg - 95 kg
            LG Insulated Cu wire $2.30/kg - 46kg
            Copper pipe covered in thick paint. $6.30/kg - 4kg

            Golf clubs are useless scrap, even when stamped "Stainless Steel"


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              Another visit today.

              Burnt Copper $6.25
              Copper pipe Green/bright $6.70
              Honey Brass $4.60


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                Looks like copper & brass are pretty much back. Do you know how Ally is?


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                  Aluminum is rather poor Chris. In Brisbane, extruded is about $1.40, Domestic about $1 and cast only 80 cents. Even alloy wheels are only $1.60. The rest of the market appears reasonable for now.
                  OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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                    Originally posted by Chris View Post
                    Looks like copper & brass are pretty much back. Do you know how Ally is?
                    They are still 10-15% down but my storage is bursting at the seams. I think I was getting $5.00+ for brass back in Sep 2019.

                    I didn't ask about Al. I don't get much at the moment.