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    I wish I knew where to sell PVC...


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      Thanks guys,
      Love seeing price updates. I'll be sure to add my results when I finally get around to selling anything!


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        Another scrap run yesterday. Prices are down 10-20 percent except for LG Insulated Copper wire, although they are being fussier about any attachment wire that might be in there.

        I was going to cash in some bare bright wire but $7.30/kg wasn't doing it for me. My storage cage was overflowing so i did cash in the following:

        LG insulated Cu wire: $2.35 x 18kg = $42.30
        Cast Al: $0.80 x 19kg = $15.20
        Extruded Al: $1.35 x 46kg = $62.10
        Aluminium Irony (high): $0.30 x 8kg = $2.40
        Cu Attachment Wire $0.75 x 6kg = $4.50
        Electric Motors: $0.67 x 13kg = 8.71
        Light Gauge Ferrous: $0.09 x 40kg = $3.60

        If anyone tracks Cu can you give me a shout out when bare bright is a fair price again.


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          Ha ha - we'd be knocking their door down in the west if they were buying bare bare bright for $7.30 - I'm getting $6.50........

          Copper been trending down for a couple of months now.


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            67 cents seems pretty good to me for electric motors! Especially if copper has been trending down..


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              Went to a local yard today in hobart.
              low grade CIW $0.53/Kg I think i will try another yard next time


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                Off to Sims.
                Decided to cash in some copper just to see what the prices were like. I think they were reasonable.
                I also had ~20kg of 1" rod. He gave me "oversize" for my whole 75kg. (no wonder I had to empty half the microwave of steel rather than damage my back).

                LG insulated Cu wire: $2.40 x 27kg = $64.80
                Extruded Al: $1.40 x 19kg = $26.60
                Cu Milberry: $7.70 x 5kg = $38.50
                Cu Bright/Green $7.35 x 5kg = $36.75
                Cu Burnt: $7.05 x 5kg = $35.25
                Pb Batteries: $0.74 x 39kg = $28.86
                Ferrous Heavy Melt O/S: $0.12 x 75kg = $9.00


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                  I came across a pile of 20+ double florescent lights in a dumpster walking home from Redfern last Friday. I started to cut the wire out and realised I'd be there forever so I went back when the traffic had thinned and loaded up the Skoda.
                  I stripped them all out on Saturday afternoon and took the light iron to the scrapyard on Monday morning (pre-planned day off work).

                  LG insulated copper: $2.30 x 18kg = $41.40
                  Extruded Al: $1.15 x 46kg = $52.90
                  Stainless Steel 304" $0.75 x 19kg = $14.25
                  Light Gauge Ferrous: $0.115 x 51kg = $5.87
                  less waste levy gave me $114.08

                  Plus $14 of Return & Earn containers at the nearby automatic machine.


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                    South Australian scrap dealer who post their prices on line - shame there are not more doing this. Handy comparison for other states also.


                    Happy New Year to all


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                      Latest Scrap Yard visit. Disappointing on several aspects (comments below).

                      Cu Milberry / Bare Bright: $7.70 x 19kg = $146.30
                      Cu Burnt: $6.95 x 5kg = $34.75
                      Pb Batteries: $0.49 x 15kg = $7.35 (way down from previous)
                      Zinc Cast: $0.50 x 17kg = $8.50 (I usually get double this)
                      Al/Cu radiators $3.25 x 5kg = $16.25
                      Al domestic $0.70 x 18kg = $12.60
                      Al / Fe high $0.20 x 14kg = $2.80
                      Cu insulated attachment wire $0.60 x 43kg = $25.80
                      Cu insulated low grade $2.30 x 20kg = $46.00

                      total: $300.35

                      Except they didn't pay me for steel (only had 20kg so <$2) and they stuffed my docket up and paid me attachment wire price for the LG insulated. I called them when I realised and they agreed they'd stuffed up and told me to drop by for the difference. They paid me $46 but by my calcs they owe me $66. Not much I could do as the wire was already in the skip.

                      I also think they didn't pay me for !kg of dirty copper pipe but he claims he combined it with the burnt copper.

                      To top it off it was the manager that made the mistake.

                      I'll be checking my dockets more thoroughly in the future.


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                        They didn't pay you for steel Brad? - and yet Ben's latest video shows his mate Tim getting 21c/kg for clean pressing steel?? That's a pretty big difference between cities!
                        Has the price of steel just taken a huge jump Ben... or is this new yard just that much better? Last I heard, Melbourne yards were only paying 9 cents..
                        I will be worthwhile loading my van for 21 cents!!


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                          Nice video by the way Ben - I always enjoy the trips to the scrap yards!