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    I wish I knew where to sell PVC...


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      Thanks guys,
      Love seeing price updates. I'll be sure to add my results when I finally get around to selling anything!


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        Another scrap run yesterday. Prices are down 10-20 percent except for LG Insulated Copper wire, although they are being fussier about any attachment wire that might be in there.

        I was going to cash in some bare bright wire but $7.30/kg wasn't doing it for me. My storage cage was overflowing so i did cash in the following:

        LG insulated Cu wire: $2.35 x 18kg = $42.30
        Cast Al: $0.80 x 19kg = $15.20
        Extruded Al: $1.35 x 46kg = $62.10
        Aluminium Irony (high): $0.30 x 8kg = $2.40
        Cu Attachment Wire $0.75 x 6kg = $4.50
        Electric Motors: $0.67 x 13kg = 8.71
        Light Gauge Ferrous: $0.09 x 40kg = $3.60

        If anyone tracks Cu can you give me a shout out when bare bright is a fair price again.