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    Back to the metal yard yesterday as I'd filled my GFs car with roadside / dumpster scrap metal after dropping her at the airport. She doesn't get the scrapping thing and wouldn't have been happy if her 19 year old sh!tbox was full of metal.

    Monday is waste pickup day where she lives. You are supposed to book a truck but if one person puts out a pile, everyone does. I picked up some 8kg pices of extruded aluminium desk rails among other items. Also had a poke around in a builders skip at the Uni and pulled out 12kg of aluminium extrusion still wrapped in plastic.

    One thing I'm learning is that if you see scrap or a potential dumpster then look / grab now as it won't be there for long.

    Note lower prices. Last week they gave me ABN prices. This week non-ABN. I haven't an ABN so not sure what the difference is as it isn't 10%.

    **Is it worthwhile having an ABN?**

    LG insulated copper: $2.20 x 15kg = $33.00
    Pb Batteries: $0.57 x 15kg = $8.55
    Cast Al: $0.70 x 7kg = $4.90
    Extruded Al: $1.45 x 49kg = $71.05
    electric motors: $0.66 x 11kg = $7.26
    Stainless Steel 304: $0.80 x 7kg = $5.60

    Total $130.36

    Also, they won't take high grade insulated wire without an ABN as "company policy as it's the most likely to be stolen for a quick buck". Bare bright, stripped TPS, etc is fine though. It made me LOL.


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      I am so lucky in that my GF not only understands the scrap thing now - but will spot a skip, suggest we have a look and help me load stuff as well as pull out handy bits of timber for our house renovations!!

      I've always had an ABN as I've been self employed for around 30 years. I think the yards pay businesses a 'dealer price' whereas the others sellers are considered hobbyists.. but not really sure these days as it's a long time since I used to regularly send truck loads to Melbourne..

      They look pretty good prices actually - except maybe SS is down a bit.


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        I didn't intend to go to the metal yard this week but I found a couple of car batteries yesterday and a small UPS the day before and I didn't want them hanging about so I got a car load together plus my Return & Earns and headed off.

        I had a word to the yard supervisor about price differences between visits and he'd given me "dealer price" on visit #1 because I had decent quantities. He's amended my file so that I get dealer price in the future providing I don't take small amounts (which would drive me nuts).

        Fe Light Gauge 40kg@10c = $4.00
        Al Domestic 12kg@95c = $11.40
        Al Extrusion 18kg@160c = $25.60
        Cu Burnt (motor & transformer wire) 5kg@685c = $34.25
        Pb Batteries 52kg@67c = $34.84

        less 44c waste fee

        $109.69 in my bank by the time I got home.


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          So they still use the 'dealer price' system then - and it makes sense that they reward larger quantities.
          As I have a fair way to drive, I won't be taking any less than at least a grand's worth of stuff when I finally start selling - perhaps I can push for super dealer price?
          Thanks for regularly posting your prices Brad - it's nice to see. Copper looks fairly healthy!


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            Originally posted by Chris View Post
            So they still use the 'dealer price' system then - and it makes sense that they reward larger quantities.
            As I have a fair way to drive, I won't be taking any less than at least a grand's worth of stuff when I finally start selling - perhaps I can push for super dealer price?
            Thanks for regularly posting your prices Brad - it's nice to see. Copper looks fairly healthy!
            There are people going in with $2 worth of aluminium (good on them for recycling). They are treated the same, just lower prices.

            Seriously, these guys are a breath of fresh air. Totally transparent and allways giving advice on how to make the process easier and more profitable.

            Copper. That was just some rubbishy stuff.

            The weird bit is that I'm still really chuffed about getting money for my ferrous. It's only the price of a coffee but it means I can take microwaves home, gut them and fill them with other ferrous junk and they are a manageable weight to throw in Rhoda the Skoda.


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              Would be nice if all scrap yards were that way!
              Haha at Rhoda the Skoda!
              Here's Merv the Merc.. (he can hold LOTS of ewaste!)

              Click image for larger version

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                Did a trip to the local - some ups and downs in prices.

                Up = Brass $4 kg, Copper pipe $6, Copper#1 $6.50, lead $1 and car batteries $6

                Down = Stainless 60c kg


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                  On Saturday I'm putting out rubbish and one of my neighbours has put 20 complete downlights in the landfill bin. Got them out, stripped them down and got a bonus 10x LED Philips bulbs that I fitted to the GFs place that night.

                  Side note: I don't know if any of you folk have solar PV on the roof but it's a no-brainer these days if you intend to stay in your house for the next 5 years +.

                  Took the puppies for a walk Sunday afternoon. It was the monthly hard rubbish collection. In 25 minutes I got 15kg of appliance wire and left heaps of other stuff behind (3x washing machines, an oven, small appliances, etc). Pulling the solenoids out of washing machines is a quick and easy way to get copper wire but I didn't have time.


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                    Scrapyard run yesterday.
                    I had the car fully loaded, turned the key and the battery had died overnight. Got the multi-meter out and it was 11.5v and dropped to 4v under load. I might have cussed a bit as it was lunchtime and I knew sourcing a new battery would take up the rest of the day and I didn't want to unload all the scrap again. I had 2 batteries for the scrapyard that I'd picked up off the side of the road (it's weird around here) and thought one might have enough charge for a jump start (I'd assumed both batteries were dead - why would you throw them out if they weren't?).
                    Tested the standing voltage on both at 12.57 and 12.55 so I pulled one out and realised that the terminals were the correct orientation and the size was about the same. My jumper leads were with the spare tyre under all the scrap so I took a punt and fitted the battery and the car burst into life. The 2nd battery I've put on charge for later. I can't believe I saved $225 not having to buy another battery. :-)

                    LG insulated copper: $2.35 x 9kg = $21.15
                    Pb Batteries: $0.77 x 27kg = $20.79
                    Extruded Al: $1.60 x 19kg = $30.40
                    Domestic Al: $0.95 x 4kg = $3.80 (this was actually cast zinc)
                    Aluminium Irony (high): $0.40 x 11kg = 4.40
                    #2 Copper (laquered motor windings): $6.95 x 4 = $27.80
                    Copper Attachment Insulated wire: $0.90 x 6kg = $5.40
                    Stainless Steel 304: $1.15 x 12kg = $13.80
                    Light Gauge Ferrous: $0.10 x 84kg = $8.40
                    less waste levy gave me $135.02

                    The bit that annoyed me today was I had a huge bundle of cat5 & cat6 wire in a separate box and only got 90c/kg (attachment wire). Normally I'd have that all mixed in with my Low Grade and they don't say a word. So in the future I'll strip the outer off the cat5/6 and drop it in with the LG wire for $2.35.

                    They also had a new boss so I had to have a chat to him about maintaining the good prices he gives me. He was reluctant until I mentioned that all my scrap was sorted and boxed and the weigh in takes 10 minutes at most unlike a lot of his customers.


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                      Nice report Brad! The prices generally look pretty good.. and well done with your battery score! I had a holden ute for many years that I kept going on batteries from the back of a machinery workshop (in the scrap pile). Many that weren't good enough for trucks/tractors, were fine in my ute for ages! Admittedly there was more room under the bonnet in those days! (1970s model).

                      When you say attachment wire - you mean wire with plugs? Also, I think ewaste ben calls your LG insulated, mid grade wire? Must be by the $2.35 price! Ben's low grade is ribbon wire, Christmas lights, coax/antenna cable, etc and I think that's only something like $1/kg


                      • Inner City Recycler
                        Editing a comment
                        Attachment wire (their term) appears to be Cat5/6 with no plugs although there was a sparky unloading a van load of assorted wire and they let everything through including plugs.

                        I just put ribbon cable, appliance cable, etc all in the one tub and they pay $2.35

                        Coax I put into the Light Iron pile. I try and avoid Xmas lights as I don't know how they want them "prepared". Lots to learn still.

                        I once put a massive boat battery in my VK Commodore. It was 50% bigger than stock and I had to reshape the strut tower to fit it in. I pulled it off the scrap pile while dropping off waste oil at the local recycling station as it looked brand new.

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                      A small metal recycling yard visit today as I was trying to make some space in my storage cage. There doesn't seem to be a lot of scrap out there at the moment (or I'm not looking hard enough).

                      Light gauge steel up 20%.
                      Brass pays better than the $4 I thought it was paying.
                      Aluminium irony down 10%

                      LG insulated copper: $2.35 x 11kg = $25.85
                      Cast Al: $0.90 x 8kg = $7.20
                      Domestic Al: $0.95 x 9kg = $8.55
                      Aluminium Irony (high): $0.35 x 10kg = $3.50
                      Brass (Honey) $5.10 x 8kg = $40.80
                      Light Gauge Ferrous: $0.12 x 45kg = $5.40
                      less waste levy gave me $91.00


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                        Perth last week - flat prices still.

                        Brass - steady at $4
                        Copper shiny - down to $6
                        Copper 2# - $5.70 - work that out!
                        Ally and Stainless - still 70c
                        Light gauge steel - still 8c
                        PVC 43% - $1.50

                        No waste levies in the west.