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  • Cleaning items for sale rather than scrap - how to use electrolysis!

    Hi guys,
    I've just finished a youtube instructional video on how I clean up old tools and metal relics which have much more value than a few cents in scrap metal.
    It's worth taking a moment to consider the dollar return on something before you lob it in the scrap drum!
    You don't have to have a collectable shop like myself to make it pay either... a box of cleaned up spanners priced at $2 each at a garage sale or market is a much better return than 16 cents a kilo!

    Hope you find this useful

    Cheers, Chris


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    Interesting process Chris, sure would be useful for those that sell stuff at markets or like me, one who likes to collect the old tools I find.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Excellent idea Chris. Have one query for you. Given the time it takes to clean one item, do you have a method for doing several items at once. For instance, when using electrolysis for stripping gold plate from metal, I use a sulphuric bath in which the anode is lead and the cathode is a copper mesh basket into which I place the pieces to be stripped. It doesn't take long to strip items, in fact you need to whatch the temperature of the bath fairly closely because it gets hot. Obviously by using acid, the bath is very active. Anyhow, just wondered if you had an idea where you can clean several items at once. Cheers, Bill


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        Hi Bill..
        You can easily run connecting wires to lots of pieces to be cleaned at the same time from the negative lead. As long as there is an electrical connection - all pieces will happily bubble away. If I'm cleaning something which has moving parts, sometimes I do need to connect each part to the negative lead. The pliers I did obviously had a good enough connection through the pivot point to clean both halves.
        Pleased you liked the video