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  • Buyer of e-waste commodities in WA & NSW

    Just a heads up for WA & NSW scrappers wanting to sell e-waste commodities like circuit boards, RAM, CPU's etc.

    It's taken a few years but i'm pleased to announce we have finally found a good buyer for you guys in Perth & Sydney.

    Contact lauren.wesbury@buyequip.com.au for details on drop off locations and pricing.

    I believe this mob are heading in the right direction as far as servicing the needs for small volume scrappers to be able to sell their stuff at commercial qty pricing.
    RAM price will probably blow your mind

    BTW, this is not a paid advertisement and I have no affiliation with this company aside from a friendly relationship and the desire to help out interstate scrappers in finding the best avenue to maximise your scrap value, Victorian scrappers should still sell to me, because i'm a good guy and I need scrap too
    Buying eWaste link here

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    I can confirm that this company is good to work with, sometimes they take a few days to reply to emails but other than that I have had no issues. I have been shipping boards to them from South Australia for 3 years now. These are their best prices yet.


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      Thanks for this Ben, and also thanks for the feedback Nick!

      Nick, I am happy for you to liaise with myself directly on this and I can assure you I will try to respond to emails much more quickly! I know in the past we may have dropped the ball but i'm fairly new and heading up the commodity buying from here onwards