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  • Should I buy?

    I have the opportunity to buy a pallet of ewaste but I'm not sure about it. It seems to be an old Comms system that has been pulled down and boxed up. Nice boards but I think it's all telecom grade or lower as there are no nice gold capped CPUs. Lots of bga chips on some of the boards and some nice back boards with gold pins. There is also power boards and so on. What do you think? Are the boards worth telecom grade @ $5 a kilo and less for the lower grade stuff?

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    The first board could go as telecom, it's a router/switch type board came out of one of them small flat boxes.
    the back plane's aren't worth much, $2 kg max, I buy as mid', requires some work to get the pins and most weight is in the thick blank board.
    3rd board at best server board so more like $4 kg
    if you gotta sort it all out and pick through stuff then I wouldn't be paying top dollar for anything, and wouldn't pay a cent for power boards, pay for the better stuff if you can get the junk for free.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Ben is right, someone has to pay for your time to sort this stuff out, I would give them a price for the lot, as is because its on a pallet, else you can sort them out and leave the junk/rubbish behind.

      just my 2c worth