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  • Scrap Metal Prices are on the way up

    Looks like scrap metal prices are slowly climbing up again.

    Scrap steel $100-$120 tonne

    mid-grade Insulated copper wire is over $2 kg now so that's a good rise compared to the lows of $1.50 kg

    Things are looking up and might be a good boost for the up coming hard rubbish season.
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    That's good news I have a few ton of steel


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      In Canberra the scrap places are still not paying for steel

      I think it takes a while for us to catch up. They are still under $2 for insulated as well.


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        Understandable at this stage as there's a transport factor to scrap metal in Canberra, it has to go to a port at some stage usually.
        But you'd think they'd be still paying the bare minimum, 4c kg at least.

        Insulated and any copper could be held for a better price one day, brass is around $3.70 kg which is strong and it's the copper element that's holding it up.

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      I must be quite lucky where I sell my scrap in Adelaide because I have been getting $100 per tonne for steel, $2 per kg for PVC, $4.10 per kg for brass and between $6.40 to $6.60 for Copper#1 since early to mid December.


      • Pav
        Pav commented
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        OMG I wish! Those prices are nice.

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      Hi Gents , Im currently getting $110 per tonne for steel / pressing but had to really push for that price , looks like the commodities market is being favourable for the time being for us scrappers .
      Here's hoping that this year will be a vast improvement over last years terrible prices .
      Time will tell I guess .
      Im in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne and Im wondering who's paying the best price for clean pvc at the moment ?
      Cheers Chris


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
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        Anything over $2 kg is good, best yard is the closest yard so it's best to call your 2 or 3 nearest yards and get the price from there, it's all pretty much around the same price anyway, 10c-20c difference maybe.

      • Nick
        Nick commented
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        It is worth checking if any of them will buy the PVC with the ends still on. My yard doesn't care if the ends are on or not, still $2. The only exception is for steel phone drop wire, coax wire and Christmas lights which are $1. I have even seen them pay as high as $3.50 if you have large quantities of higher grade copper wire.

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      Damn, all the nearest yards to me in Perth (down Mandurah way) are not even paying for light gauge steel. So many stripped out towers, microwaves and flat screen shells in my garage that may have to be donated to the steel pile at the tip!


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        Took some HMS in yesterday ,got $70 tonne in Geelong,pressing is about $50 tonne


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          It probably depends a lot on who the scrap yards end buyer is, and in some cases a scrap yard may not have an end buyer and send it away to be used for their own raw materials.
          Like if they actually produce raw steel for the industrial market they can pay a much higher price.
          These type of yards actually have other scrap yards sell to them.

          Most will either sell to another scrap yard or a steel company and the location dictates their buy price because they need to transport it too.
          So if your geelong scrap yard sends it to melbourne after squishing it down, the maximum a truck can carry is 24 tonne.
          24T @$50 tonne is $1200, if they sold it for $1.20 kg which would be minimum they would get in bulk, that's $2880

          So $1680 profit, less running costs of the scrap yard, processing & 6 hours for the truck to load, drive over an hour, unload and come back.

          So let's assume you had a 500kg load of pressing steel and you drove it to melbourne.
          Same time you kill two birds by either bringing in circuit boards to me, or run an errand up this way.
          500kg you get $25 in geelong or at least $50 in melb', so $25 more, extra fuel $15, your up $10 and got two jobs done
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          • junkhunter
            junkhunter commented
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            That's right Ben,the $70.0 HMS price is up from $60 before xmas,Geelong s prices rise slower than Melbournes and never get as high,no doubt due to freight costs,i will bring aload up one day and call in when I have enough boards etc to make it worth the drive,cheers mick