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  • 70 Computers from Office - Scrap or Sell

    Hey all, got a great pickup today that came out of a Office. Around 89 Computers in Total. Also in the pile is from what looks like a Hard Drive Server Rack. as well as some other rack-able goodies.

    But the question is, do I scrap them out, or anyone on here want to buy.

    There is 60 Custom Computers Complete and another 10 missing sides. All have hard drive removed. Motherboard inside is Gigabyte GA-M615ME-S2 with around 2-3gb Ram + CD-Rom + Floppy Drive (Not that anyone uses one today)

    Another 10 are lenovo ThinkCentre, Motherboard lenovo MTW45NK with 1 stick of Ram + CD-Rom + Floppy Also hard drive removed.

    Let me know your thoughts of what I should do, Might test one up and see if any good for out in the workshop.

    Pickup is Moe, VIC 1.5hr's East of Melb

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      if you can test out the motherboards they might be ok to try selling but it's hard to test every aspect of a board and you could have warranty issues.
      2gb ram sticks should sell, maybe cpu's, maybe test them out and list as complete working pc's, personally i just scrap this kind of stuff out unless there's a really good cpu in them,
      then the whole unit is probably worth selling so if the cpu lists on ebay for $50+ then you know you've got a good system.
      Buying eWaste link here


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        Lucky Bugger... (:


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          That's a good load there. Like Ben said, the RAM and cpus might be worth chucking on eBay.