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    Hey scrappers, has anyone in Perth found anywhere local that buys boards? If so do they but depopulated boards? I've talked to a few scrap yards but they're not interested. Cheers

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    Hi cliffy,
    collins takes all boards they are located at
    • 16 Kembla Way, Willetton, WA 6155
    Dont expect to get close to the prices ben pays. I take some stuff there. The guy who owns the places seems sound. Iv talked him when im there. They take everything from low grade to high grade. Due to the lack of yards things like processors just get put with high grade boards.
    Psu with the wires cut off are worth very little.

    I've got to try Allied in Welshpool my non ferrous yard told me to try them. Iv been to busy so havent had the chance yet.

    Iv sent alot of emails and called into alot of places most dont know what i am talking about and others just dont have a big contact to sell to, so wont touch it.

    I hope that helps you out a bit.


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      Thanks for that jezza, i have found much the same thing, they either don't know what i'm talking about or don't want them. I have a stack of depopulated boards and power boards ect. I would hate to chuck them as junk with scrap steel. It seems the Perth ewaste industry is sadly lagging behind the rest of the country. Ill check out Collins and see how i go. CHEERS!