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  • Grading circuit boards

    Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) seem to be a little confusing for me at the moment.
    Mostly because of my recent visit to an Australian buyer/refiner.

    What I found strange was low grade boards are what I would call a mid' grade board.
    Low grade boards to me and most scrappers in the world are your brown boards,
    the one's mostly from crt's etc.

    Now that crt's are mostly gone, those brown boards will not be around anyway,
    so it makes sense to keep them out of the grading all together.

    I'll get some pic's up of different board grades when I can but I think putting everything in 3 simple grades,
    low, mid, high probably is the easiest way to grade for everyone.

    Although there are things that should be high and graded low, it may balance out as some low is very low and at $2 kg it's not too bad.
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    Did you get onto PGM refiners yet?


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      No it'll have to be next week, got distracted on the day and I been driving around with two barrels of boards in the van since.
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        I've got this lot of laptop boards and nearly the same of PC boards.


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          Laptop boards seem to be graded as high grade, same as server boards.
          That's ok, makes up for the lighness of 'em.

          I was gonna go for some of them bags but i'd end up over filling it and doing my back in to get it in the van.
          wish I had a forklift, life would be much easier.
          oh, and your tow truck, if I had that i'd be king of the scrapper streets!
          Buying eWaste link here


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            We've got 5 in the fleet. Mines the youngest.