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  • Gold content in CPU's

    Its a strange topic in that you would think that after all the refining there would be a reliable source of information on the weight of the different CPU's and the gold content in them. Now I know you can get 2 different CPU's of the same type and they will be different gold contents based on where and when is was manufactured but would love to compose a list of more reliable data.

    Other forums say that you wont know the content unless you process it yourself. Well I think people are keeping these numbers to themselves. I am a big advocate of sharing knowledge.

    I have only had my motorola CPU's processed so I can start with that information. What do people think? Worthwhile?

    I do know that when people start quoting the document that lists Pentium Pro's as having 1 gram of gold that I tend to ignore all the rest of the data as people who process these know that at best its anywhere from .2-.5 grams. Closer to the .2 though.

    I am going to start processing a lot of my CPU's. I have about 5 kilo of ceramic ones but the problem is a lot of them are of the same type so my data will be limited. I will state the amount of CPU's in a batch and type and the weight of each CPU before processing. Hopefully we can start collating a decent set of data.

    If someone wants to include fibre CPU's then happy to hear that as well. To be honest I don't know the best method for extracting the PM's of say P4's etc.

    SO to start with, perhaps we take not of the type of CPU, its weight (this will probably be different based on date and location of manufacture), amount of CPU's in the batch, weight of the gold extracted and the weight of the CPU's after extraction. This last bit will assist with determining the amount of other metals taken from the CPU.

    Any other information you think will be useful?

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    There is exact data on most ceramic cpu's and fibe cpu's but because the companies that get it properly refined and assayed in laboratory conditions pay for that they are not going to release that info to the public so their competition can get it, research like that gives them the edge over competition.

    As i've previously mentioned it's not just gold, they have figures for platinum, silver & copper, i've seen the data but couldn't get a copy but I will try again.

    Impossible to get an accurate figure just for gold because every refiner gets different results and most do not get all the gold,
    So whilst there may not be 1g of gold in a pentium pro, how do we know for sure when the figures available are from backyarders?
    To say .2 - .5 just proves there's a huge difference in how people extract it, so some of these guys will argue 'till their blue in the face that there's only .2g yet it's just what they could get.

    Your motorola results are same thing, just your results but won't reflect the true values so all we can really go by is averages and buyers prices usually reflect the percentage of gold to weight.

    Take board sort who have been buying for quite a while, they pay US$65 lb for pentium pro's, which is around AU$185 per kg.
    There's 10 pentium pro's per kg, That's AU$18.50 per cpu, but .2 of a gram of gold is only worth AU$10, how do you figure that?
    Why would they pay almost double value without even processing it yet and then profit on top?
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      Valid points there. I have seen some weird prices for CPU's and thought the same thing, for a CPu that is meant to have minimal gold they pay way more.

      Getting some close approximations would be good. For example, saying a Pentium (not pro) has .4 grams of gold is very different to saying it has .2. Both amounts are tiny but make a big difference. I have just taken possession of 5 kilo's of various ceramic CPU's with hopefully about another 5 kilo on the way. I want to do a few different batches and average out the gold content gained from each. Sure, different back yard refiners get different results. These results can be sckewed based on things like the amount of filtering they do which would affect the gold quality.

      All the searching online seems to point back to the same dodgy PDF's. I have seen an updated one here - http://refinementofpreciousmetals.com/Rev_0.7.1.pdf but want to know if someone has done enough refining to confirm that these figures are correct or way out. Some of the amounts are pretty specific like .18 grams.

      Will see if anyone wants to contribute. Come next month I will have about 10kg of ceramics to go by and as I am now refining (learning) I want to start making notes about it all.


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        Well it would be good to get your results, as you say there's not a whole around and making a start to the grand list might encourage others who refine to contribute their results.
        same would be good with the different ic chips and even the different pc connector plugs and pins
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          Taking the opportunity, i would like to ask how much is this worth? (in the picture)

          I would like to bid the offer, but I dont how much is enough (present price is 15$ for whole )
          There are 23's gold ram memory and 18's CPUs
          Whole weight is 0,71 KG.

          I would be thankful for help,


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            I would like to ask what kind of gold CPUs are these shown on the photo? Do they have a lot of gold - or are they cheapest ones?


            • WEEE Ben
              WEEE Ben commented
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              Cheapest, P4's with pins $7kg, Pinless $5kg is my buy price so I value that lot at 80c

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            If you go by my buy prices it will give you some indication of values of cpu to cpu.
            obviously it's my buy prices and they are based on prices here in Aust' and not based on gold content after refining.
            But when buying you wouldn't want to be paying much over my prices as there's not much left for profit if you recover the gold, so maybe add 50% as a buying maximum.

            So what's there? RAM Sticks there's two silver ones so they can be cancelled out as ram.
            a ram stick on average is 20 grams, I pay $12 kg so about 25c each for the regular size sticks, laptop ram is half. so 15 sticks I would pay $3.75


            P4 Pinless 20g ea, @$5 kg = 10c ea - x2 = 20c
            P4 with Pins 20g ea @ 7 kg = 12c ea - x4 = 48c
            AMD with pins 30g ea @$7 kg = 15c ea - x4 = 60c
            Green/Brown fibre 10g ea @$14 kg = 14c ea - x8 = $1.12
            Black fibre 20g ea @ $28 kg = 56c ea - x2 = $1.12
            AMD Ceramic 30g ea @ $30kg = 90c ea - x3 = $2.70

            slot card at the top 20c

            Total my buy price = $10.17 if you add 50% then yeah, $15 is maximum you should pay, not much left for profit because you still need to process them.
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              Thank you very much!


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                One more question, because i am new scrapper and this is weird for me.
                Auction i asked has ended - link below.

                It has ended with amount 77,77 Polish zloty (currency in my country) - it is about in US $- 19,07/ A$ 25,1987 (plus shipping).

                So where is place for profit for scrapper who is buying this?
                Licytuj na allegro.pl już od 78,77 zł - Złom komputerowy 0,78 kg -procesry, pamięci (6594690427). Allegro.pl - Radość zakupów i bezpieczeństwo dzięki Programowi Ochrony Kupujących!