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  • Whats the proper price of tungsten carbide scrap?


    I have about ten kilos of tungsten carbide scrap. What is the good proper price for it?
    In my country yard i can get about 13$ per KG (about 5,9 american $ per pound).

    Is there any chance to sell it better online?

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    My guess would be freight being the killer in that deal. Haven't tried to sell any of it but will find out as I am interested to know.


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      When I looked to sell some in Adelaide, I was quoted $10-$15 depending on the quantity and market demand.


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        Probably not worth much more to a scrap yard, yeah you would get more per kg if sold on ebay but buyer needs to factor in postage, you need to factor in 14% fees
        so for what it's worth it might not pay for the hassle of listing and shipping, but ebay is free to list so why not try sell in 2kg batches and see.
        Buying eWaste link here