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  • Getting Flyers Out

    Just got my new advertising material and have been going around dropping them off in commercial boxes.
    Geez it's a lot of work, the option is to have a flyer delivery company do it or aussie post but it's too expensive and they drop to too many places that wouldn't have enough e-waste anyway.
    Like a mechanical workshop or retail store which might replace 1 pc at a time, so you end up paying for useless advertising and wasting a lot of flyers.

    So I been going around and unlike households, the letter boxes can be anywhere, industrial estates are a little easier because mail boxes are usually in blocks but general industrial areas, the factories ect can be 200 metres appart, a lot of stop starting to drop off one flyer or parking and walking a mile to drop off 5 flyers so it's very time consuming.

    Thought about putting a small stack of flyers at the recycling boxes at office works stores but I don't think they would last, they would probably throw them out when they saw them.

    What else? where can I get some flyers out that would be worth while?

    What I did this morning when I went out to do a pick up was to drop flyers off to the buildings in that block, I guess if I did that every pick up it would help as i've experieanced that just one flyer doesn't work work, it's usually about the 3rd time they get one they start to pay attention to them.

    Just going out now to cover a large industrial area, got my walking shoes on and going to go hard this next few weeks to get out at least 5000 flyers so lot's of walking miles.
    But it's gotta be done, at least until i've built up a big enough client base to not have to drop flyers off anymore.

    My new flyer points to my web page which should reduce the phone call inquiries coming through, because i'm out picking stuff up i'm usually to busy or driving to be answering calls so I end up having to call back which usually means inconveniencing them when they may be busy, this new way is so they can simply go to the web page and book a pick up on the page, I get the inquiry via email so end of the day I can reply to them with a thought out reply and have time to make a booking.

    Another new system is to set days for areas, I can drive to the other side of town 3 days a week, criss-crossing all over the place, so now it'll be set days to different parts of melbourne, local side for mondays & fridays and outer areas in the middle when there's less traffic on the road.

    Well, it's a beautiful day today and even though I have a half van full of stuff to unload, I'm getting back out there to drop these flyers off, then treat myself to some fresh salmon I picked up this morning, straight off the boat.

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    Good on you ben. 5000 flyers in industrial areas is alot of work. I cycle around industrial areas and drop flyers off it cuts down the amount of time doing marketing.

    What i have found helpful is to always have a box of them in my ute and anytime i collect something i give them a few flyers 2 or 3. Totaly depends on what the collection is. If i am only getting one laptop and a few printers i wont give them the flyers. I also drop some off to businesses in that area i like the look of and who i think might create alot of e waste.

    A rule of marketing is people have to come in contact with your company's marketing material 5 times before they will consider using your product or service.
    Some things i learn in collage are staying in my brain 😁.


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      Yeah I drop off to surrounding businesses when doing pick up's, I usually google the place and see what it looks like in the streets around it, if there's a lot of factories etc i'll usually go earlier to drop of flyers first.

      When I did my biz' course they said 4 times so it's about right, 4 or 5 but it's also timing, most my clients come from 1 off flyers but I guess i'm missing out on the neighboring companies who probably need more hits.

      Today i'm doing a large area with giant factories so it'll be actually driving in to most properties to get to the letterbox usually in front of reception.
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        Thinking about doing residential pick up's again, just not sure yet as if I do it'll have to change a lot compared to how I used to do it.
        I used to charge $10 which wasn't so bad at the time because a lot of the work I got were for crt tv's which were heavy and usually meant I had to go inside and drag them out of houses.
        I guess lcd tv's can be heavy too but are a little different in that they don't take up as much space and are more recyclable, although there's probably less value in an lcd these days with many being plastic.

        I think I need to stop taking them to the scrap yard as they really don't have much steel and if I do i'm stuck with a large plastic back panel anyway.
        So what I started doing is removing the boards and putting the covers back on and sending them to the transfer station.
        That means I need to spend time taking them away and get nothing for my trouble, but the good part is they are then being properly recycled, I can remove most of the steel so long as the screen stays intact.

        The $10 fee is probably too much, if you think about it, there'd be a lot of people willing to recycle but for $10 it's a bit much, especially if they just have a box of small stuff.
        A big factor is time to deliver flyers, it's a lot of work for the few jobs I would get, whereas a free pick up would mean i'd get a lot more work from the flyers I delivered, so instead of maybe 1 house per street it would be more like 10 or 20 per street and more regularly.

        Another thing that i've been thinking about is whether to put a minimum of items like I do commercially or just hav no minimum at all, but instead having two set days to do the pick up's.
        I'm thinking fridays & saturdays, since I would only advertise to my local area, about a 4 klm radius, I could make runs to cover the whole lot in one or two days, although I just figured that two days of pickups might not work since I could just be doubling up if people booked different days in the same area.

        ok, so maybe I could just do saturday pick up's, that would kinda work ok for most as they would be home to put stuff out and I could still have weekdays for commercial bookings.

        So it would be like an early start and follow some kind of route to cover all areas, this would be economical but there will be larger pick ups so I still might need to go unload after just a few pick ups.
        maybe if it's going to be too big I will have to book them in on the friday instead.

        Just trying to work out if it's going to be worthwhile, an lcd tv ain't worth much, picking up 1 or 2 items like a toaster and hair dryer won't pay, but putting a minimum would mean the won't call and I want repeat customers.

        A huge reason I want to keep doing residential is even though there's not much computer equipment it's the old electricals that can really pay off, hi-fi's, gaming consoles and stuff like that can be worth good money selling second hand, vintage electronics that electrical enthusiasts have keep for 30 or 40 years are great too, and I collect stuff like that, they don't come from commercial pickups.

        One of the main thing I will change is to not make bookings, just rock up on the day and I will expect the stuff to be left outside ready to go, no door knocking or going inside so I'm going to have to stipulate that on the flyer, either on the varanda or the driveway, if I need to remove large appliances from inside then i'm going to still have to charge the $10 as I can't afford to be spending 20 minutes just for one pickup unless it'as because they have so much stuff, even a fridge and freezer, I can wheel them into the van in 5 minutes if they are left out ready to go.

        I'm working on a residential flyer at the moment, something a bit easier to understand and something just quickly looking at it people will know what it is I do as e-waste isn't really a common word for most people, it'll have to be more like recycling electicals or something like that.

        anyway, if anyone has some idea's on what i've written so far let us know.

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          Iv never put flyers out for residential pick ups. its a big outlay for me at this stage im just doing flyers for commercial collection. I advertise on Gumtree for residential pick ups and have got amazing things. working iphones and fit bits and a few repeat customers IT guys who work from home.

          What i have discovered and its more about research for when i get flyers printed for residential pick ups and to see how i can improve to get the best results. The list of what i collect never changes but the my wording changes. What iv learnted is saying ewaste, end of life computers, end of life electronics, broken electronics gets none or almost no calls. But saying "electronics recycling" it's the perfect line it gets me the most calls and the best things.

          I keep text in the ad to a minimum apart from the list.

          If there has been a verge collection or one due very soon i get no calls from that area. For handing out flyers id take a stab in the dark and say you might have the same problem so when putting them out take that into account.

          Apart from a few collections, mainly people working from home its always a Saturday when people want stuff collected. When on the phone to people i say "ill be there around 11 if thats ok? if that doesn't suit you or you are not sure if you will be there. If you leave it by your front door or in the carport ill collect it from there that is not a problem" they seem very happy about that. so i would say go for it just tell them leave it out side for you and you will collect it on x day. That way no time restraints in getting to them so if needs be you can go back and offload and take your time collecting everthing.

          If you hit them all on the same day the toaster and hair dryer wont matter to much as you are out in that area anyways and what is 5-10min if you are in the area collecting. unless you have big loads that require alot of time.
          I lean towards doing it in one day and if the calls come in fast and strong start collection on another day when you think you are getting close to having to much to do it all it one day.

          If it turns into a bigger area you advertise in or you are being bombed with calls you could have two days say 1 day for everthing south and one for north of your base. It would cut down going from one end to the other for small items or not getting them at all because of the distance.
          What i like to do is get the furthest away pick up and work back towards my place. As the day goes on and the energy level drops the distance away from my place gets smaller.

          I dont charge anything but iv been thinking for areas with no verge collection a $5 fee would work pretty good. I dont know whats it like over there in mel. In perth alot of ares are stopping verge collection. All they will take is 1 white good per year and 2 small skips. Its not easy to arrange it from the councle so i think people will pay a small fee.

          What you do with flat screens sounds good. i do it with crt tvs/monitors pull out the goodies and drop them to the transfer station. they let me get rid of 15 a day free as long as the tube isn't broken and they are in the tv shell. I always do a drop there when im on my way to a collection so im not burning fuel or time just doing that drop and going home.

          I personally believe residential are good value iv made some very good scores and contacts. The amount of good ones out weights the bad ones. like the person who gave me 29 printers i still have bad flash backs about that load. but that worked out because i did get 16+ towers on a few occasions from different residential properties.

          Im pretty sure iv just said everything you already know but hopefully something i said was useful for you.


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            Thanks Jezza, I appreciate the input, it all helps to point me in the right direction with ideas.

            The areas I cover don't have hard rubbish pickups like the old days leaving it on the nature strip, instead it's one per year that they need to book through the council whenever they need it.
            The advantage I had previously with my $10 fee was with older people who couldn't take stuff out for council to pick it up, I will still offer to do that with the fee but I might book them on fridays.

            The area here has changed a lot over the years, less factory workers and more higher mid-class, yuppies mostly who sit at all the cafe's we have drinking skinny late's,
            So the main selling point is recycling, keeping e-waste out of landfill, as most e-waste through council pickups goes straight to the tip, they only pull out the metal, all the small items just get buried.

            Yes I have had great residential pick up's too, once I emptied a garage full of vintage circuit boards collected over the years, and because it's a higher income area now they seem to turn over a lot of modern technology that is still in new condition and the old generation is clearing out everything and moving to retirement homes so there's a good mix.

            The biggest thing about the free pick up is to make dropping off flyers worthwhile, I was getting dissapointed with spending all day walking, doing maybe 500 flyers and only getting a few calls from that section, but the surprising thing is how long some people have kept my flyer, I still get the odd call from areas I only dropped off once over a year ago, so people do pay attention, but I guess they are building up on stuff whereas if it was free every saturday they could just keep calling.

            Which leads me to another problem, answering phone calls probably most of the day, the reason behind my new commercial advertising was to direct them to my webpage to book online, but i don't think I want residential to book online because it's not so easy for some and the website is worded for commercial, the main thing was when I can't answer the phone I need to spend time listening to recorded messages and then calling back, but with many more calls I could be spending too much time on the phone, but I don't think I have any other options and maybe it will settle down after a week of them getting the flyer.

            I think i'm going to give it a go, i'll get some new ones done, maybe just enough to cover my area twice incase I need to change it, i'm going to put on the flyer "every saturday" to get people used to me going around on that day.

            The good thing is it won't happen in one big hit because it will take a month to cover all areas with just one round of flyers, I was thinking about passing on flyers to existing letterbox drop-off people in certain areas, they charge about $40 per 1000 flyers but they deliver to everyone, I can pick and choose because some houses are a waste of time to deliver to, like if their mailbox is full of old flyers or the house is trashed they generally don't care about recycling a few items.

            Anyway, see how I go, i'll get the flyers done in a couple weeks and make a start in december, in the mean time I need to keep working on getting these commercial flyers out.
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              Flyers are working just great, going on an inner city drop tomorrow to avoid traffic, the more calls the more exited I'm getting, the flyers are working much better then the last one's.
              with a clearer list of stuff I take I'm not answering so many questions as to what I do take, instead they're giving me a good rundown on what they have now.
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