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  • Where do you Advert???

    So it seems things have slowed down alittle in the computer world. Local Transfer Station has been only getting 1 or 2 computers over a weekend compared to 2 months ago would be around 6. Also a couple of the local computer shops I pick up from I have not heard from for a month.

    So wanna boost myself out there more... I am on a local buy swap sell fb page, but only have got 1 boot load from someone.
    But wanna know where everyone is putting there names to get there goods as im gettin bugger all here.

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    There's two main targets, commercial & residential, both very different but both require advertising.
    not too many actively look to recycle e-waste so you need to put it in their minds with flyers etc.
    so no matter how much online advertising you do, not many will be looking for you, you need to find them first.

    Once you find the right clients things can snowball, not just through recommendations but it's like a vibe in the universe, others call from nowhere.
    residential creates commercial clients so don't underestimate home pick ups but you need to advertise directly.

    just depends on what you want out of it, if your looking for a biz' then you gotta go hard for a while until you get enough commercial clients to be able to leave residential but for a start residential is your constant, free pick ups would keep you going flat out, if you focus on small areas in blocks, like say 3 sections you pick up from monday one section, tuesday the next and wednesday the last section,
    this will save you running around too much and allows you to pick up small qty's and be worth while, same time you drop off flyers to commercial.

    I don't mean photocopying a flyer either, you gotta appear like a pro if you want people to take you seriously.

    other then that, just as a scrapper you don't have many options, but I think you might be over the dandenong area? well that's my busiest area, all the warehouses etc, I was up that way 3 times last week, schools are great around that area, it's my busiest time for schools as it's school holidays and tech's prefer to clean out when no students are around and one I picked up from there was mind blowing, I scored a huge assortment of servers accumulated over many years.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      I am just trying to start over the Latrobe Valley area... Dandy is still an hour drive away.

      Currently working on a kinda website... got a place where I can host for Free, so hoping that may work... Who knows.


      • WEEE Ben
        WEEE Ben commented
        Editing a comment
        won't work unless you advertise it or spend thousands to get it up in page 1 of google