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  • Some yards no longer paying for pressing steel?

    Hey Scrappers,

    I was about to organise a drop off today to Highett Metals Braeside of some ferrous and non ferrous metals so thought I would call ahead
    to get some pricing.

    To my surprise I was told they're no longer paying for pressing steel! This is your general category domestic steel / anything ferrous etc.
    They said (You're welcome to drop it off for free). I had a laugh to myself...

    Wow, are things really going that bad? Lucky enough I did not just drop in like usual.

    Is anyone else having issues with ferrous pricing?

    On a side note:
    Two days ago I did a drop to Sims Metal in Broadmeadows / Campbellfield and got a rate of $0.75 per KG, so $75 a ton.


    Strange times!

    Please discuss.

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    Well Ryder you're a long way from my territory - rural Qld about 350k NW of Brisbane, but I would be giving Highett a big miss. I know the area you are talking about, I used to live in South Oakleigh, among other places, in some past life .

    $75 a ton from Sims is quite good. I say quite good because it's coming from a mob that may not be renowned for giving top price. Even in Brisbane I can get around that price for lightweight steel, and we are not the best at times with prices. We certainly need to shop around.

    Sounds to me Highett are trying to have a lend of you, either that or they're totally out of touch as to where the market is today. As I said mate, I would be looking for a new scrap yard. Cheers


    • ryder
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      You're right mate, I think maybe they're just not getting enough business so have decided to turn down anything but free steel!

      Anyways, there's plenty of other scrap yards around. I usually just go to the closest one on my list of trusted yards to the location i'm servicing at the time. (Obviously Highett Metals Pty Ltd is no longer on that) lol.

      I have an account with Sims, they usually give me a decent rate at their yards.

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    it certainly pays to shop around, i'm sure they'll buy non-ferrous and probably be competitive.
    there's reasons some yards do that, if you think about the logistics in handling it, needs to be pressed so they pay someone to sit in the machine, needs a crane to shift it so another worker, needs a truck to transport so a driver there and all for maybe 10c kg in the end, so yeah they probably don't get enough to justify paying for it.

    Back when pressing was 20c kg I took a load to a yard that told me the same thing, they even had a night bin people could throw steel into.
    But their problem is whilst I didn't give them the steel, they also lost a non-ferrous customer which I would of been going to even now.
    Buying eWaste link here


    • ryder
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      Yeah exactly, Obviously I'm not giving them my non ferrous if they're not taking my ferrous I don't care how good of a deal they give me. I make good deals with all yards I go to. So dropping that one isn't a big issue. I just thought it was quite strange. Ah well.