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  • Plastic Recycling

    Plastic from e-waste is most scrappers nightmare, it's probably the main reason why there seems to be so many printers about.
    steel scrappers don't bother with them and even e-waste scrappers tend to avoid them.
    for hobby scrappers & part timers, that's a choice they can make, but recyclling e-waste on any business level means plastic is un-avoidable.

    For anyone scrapping e-waste professionally or high volume scrappers, looking for a plastic recycler is one of your #1 priorities.
    weee plastic is bulky, it quickly fills any bin you throw it in, and if your throwing plastic in landfill then your probably not in this business for the right reasons.

    So you will need to search around for your nearest plastic recyclers and go talk to them, take along some sample plastic too.
    I did that for 4 weeks, went to many different plastic recyclers advertised, many were closed down but aventually I found one that would take my plastic.

    I wasn't looking for any money, if I could just have someone drop off bins and pick-up the plastic when full, for free, i'd be happy.
    That's what I got, I have two cages now for all my plastic, when full they come and pick it up and leave two fresh cages.
    the plastic is sorted and granulated down, then they either make some products or sell it in bulk.

    Next step from this would be to seperate the plastic into different grades.
    if you wanted to get paid for your plastic and you have the room to store it,
    then seperating ABS from the rest is a good start, coloured ABS should go in one stack,
    black ABS should gop seperate.

    When they granulate then melt ABS, coloured ABS will come out a generic colour, if black ABS is mixed in
    it all goes black, so black ABS is always best to seperate to get best value.
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    So if you separate the different types of plastic, do they pay you?


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      yeah they'd pay a little bit, think it's like 5c kg, might be more for clean abs.
      i'll have to get some clarification next pick-up.

      that's for clean plastic, a lot of small plastic things may have screws or small tin plates attatched,
      printer plastic always has a few hidden screws ect.
      it's just too time consuming to make sure everything is metal free, so the balance here is I can just toss it all in,
      they'll pick it up, sort it, clean what needs it and process it.
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        Much better than paying to dispose of plastic. I might start searching up here.