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  • Cisco 1800 Series (1841 model)

    Hi Everyone,

    Unsure if this is the correct sub forum to post this in but I hope so, if not please let me know.

    I currently have 8 Cisco 1800 Series, model 1841 Integrated services routers.

    They're complete with the compact flash discs (128mb)

    Does anyone know if these are worth selling off complete or scrapping them down?

    If selling, what should I be asking?

    Thanks everyone!

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    They will have nice boards if you scrap 'em.
    Probably take some time to sell 8 but I see them selling for around $40 ea, maybe more on ebay with 128 flash, say $70 ea would sell a few.
    they were popular models so lots are starting to surface second hand now.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Thanks for the reply Ben.

      The ones I have actually have module cards in them too.

      HWIC ADSL "ADSL Modem" and HWIC4ESW "Ether Switch"

      So hopeing they would go for a little more than the bare boned 1841 model.


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        Just thought I would update anyone that was interested to see what ended up happening with these..

        They all went for $720. So $90 per Unit.

        So if anyone comes across these I would suggest first trying to sell them off before scrapping them out.

        Hope that this may have helped someone.



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          Interesting, thanks for reporting back, I have a few of these too.

          Do you mind me asking where you sold them? Was it on eBay/gumtree etc or do you know of a IT equipment reseller who takes bulk quantities? I have a number of switches, routers and servers that I need to get rid of, and they're too good to be scrapped, but too big and bulky to sell easily on eBay etc